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Netflix Thumbs Up System Launches

Netflix Thumbs UpI logged into Netflix today to find that the new Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down rating system has been implemented.

I don’t like it!  I might possibly hate it.

I was already unhappy that Netflix didn’t have half-stars like Rotten Tomatoes.  Whole stars don’t provide enough granularity.

Plus it seems like I will have to re-rate every movie since my star ratings don’t appear to have been translated into Thumbs Up or Down.  That’s very unfortunate as it looks as though I had rated over 1500 movies and TV shows before the switch.  🙁



2016 Cineplex Peel & Pop – Game Tweaked!!

PeelAndPopThe summer Cineplex Peel & Pop game has been running for a few weeks now.

In previous cycles, you would pop kernels for contest entries with the occasional instant prize being won. This year, you have to pop kernels to win wedges, which are like a partial prize.  You have to “earn” 3 or 4 wedges to win any one prize.  Sometimes you will get all 3 or 4 wedges for one item in a single game, giving you an “Instant” prize.

Initially, the game was more challenging on a mobile or tablet.  In a desktop browser, it was considerably easier.  For the most part I was able to pop over 200 kernels per game using a mouse.  Unfortunately, being able to pop that many kernels didn’t seem to increase the amount of wedges you could win.  Whether you popped 50 or 200 you always seem to end up with 3 to 5 wedges.  If you don’t pop all of your potential wedges during regular play, you get an extra chance to pop a bonus kernel, where the system would give you the remaining wedges.

Anyway, I tried again today after not playing since last week and holy crap, they quickly ramp up the speed now. I can only hit maybe 40 to 45 kernels!

Luckily any wedges you miss during regular play seem to come up with the bonus kernels. I’m still getting 3 to 5 wedges per play.  I used to be able to play better than 100% of all Canadians according to the end game message.  I guess they got wise and tweaked the game-play.



The Scorch Trials is NOTHING like the book!

The Scorch TrialsIf you have read the Maze Runner books and are thinking that The Scorch Trials movie will be anything like the book, I am telling you right now, that they are NOTHING alike.

We re-watched The Maze Runner Wednesday night and although there are some differences, the movie is pretty close to the book.

The Scorch Trials movie on the other hand, is NOTHING like the book!

I wouldn’t even be able to discuss the differences, there is really nothing that happens in the book that is shown on screen.  My daughter was heartbroken (she read the book as well).  I suspect she was willing to leave during the movie.  She hated it.  She insists that she won’t even watch the next movie.



Cineplex Excessive Pre-Movie Ads

Ant-ManI took the kids to see Ant-Man last night (which was great by the way) and we were shocked to realize that before getting to the “Coming Soon” trailers, there were 4 ads for Bell Mobility and 3 automobile ads.

4 freaking ads for Bell in the span of a few minutes.  Seriously, it was Jeep, Bell, Interact, Bell, Mazda, Bell, Toyota and finally another Bell ad.

This was after paying $16.75 each to watch the movie in AVX 3D.

This shit is getting outta hand!



Redbox is leaving Canada!


Wow, I just recieved word that Redbox is leaving Canada!

Was it really that expensive to maintain service?

The last day to rent will be Feb 13th.


With Blockbuster and Rogers Video gone, there is basically no place in my area to rent movies.

If what I want to watch is not on Netflix, that doesn’t really leave many legal options.




Update: The Toronto Star now has an article about it as well…..

Movie rental company Redbox shutting down Canadian operation, pulling kiosks

General Mills changes free movie offer in 2014

General Mills Cineplex 2014In previous years, February was the free movie month for the General Mills / Cineplex promotion, but they changed things up a bit this year.

I didn’t find out until I finally got a hold of some Almond Oatmeal Crisp cereal.

This year, Feb, Mar and May are 2 for 1 and April is the Free month.


Oh well, Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out in April, so it’s not all bad.



Cineplex Promo Over Once Again

Another season of free movies, thanks to General Mills, has passed once again.

It seemed like there were fewer good movies in Feb (while the passes were good for a free movie) compared to last year.  Things picked up in April and May, but 2 for 1 isn’t nearly as good.

We were able to use a couple more passes last night to see “Now You See Me” (which was great by the way!).  I still have a few more passes left over, but now they are expired.

Here’s hoping General Mills runs the promotion again next year.  😉




Star Trek Movie Curse Back on Track!!!

I was able to catch an early screening of Star Trek Into Darkness last night.  I really enjoyed J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot from 2009, so I was looking forward to the follow up.

I purposefully ignored reading rumours and watching trailers so that I would be surprised.  About the only thing I knew ahead of time was that Benedict Cumberbatch played the villain.

Well, all I can say is that the Star Trek Movie Curse seems to be back on track.  In that although 2009’s Star Trek reboot was excellent, Star Trek Into Darkness was not.

I don’t want to give anything away, but I can say that before the villain had revealed his name, I had already figured out who he was and I was so disappointed.

I’m going to leave it at that.  Fans of the original Star Trek movies will probably also be disappointed.  Those who have not seen any of the original movies will probably like it a lot more than I did.



The Beauty of DNS Re-direction / Unblocking

Want to watch Veronica Mars in Canada for free, just like our US neighbours?

Well tough luck!!!

That is unless you pay for US VPN access or use DNS re-direction/unblocking.

I’m not going to discuss using a VPN.  They are generally expensive and slow.

I am going to discuss using DNS re-direction though, because that’s what I have been using to watch Veronica Mars for the past week.

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General Mills / Cineplex 2013 Offer Now In Effect

Just like in previous years, General Mills has teamed up with Cineplex to offer free movie passes with select General Mills cereals.

Each specially marked box contains a code for either a general or child admission that you redeem online at  There are no limits to how many you can use, although they are only valid Sunday through Thursday.

During February the codes are good for 1 free admission.  From March 1st to May 31st, they are good for 1 Buy One Get One Free admission.

Details on how to redeem the code can be found here.

Details on the rules and which cereals are included can be found here.

We already used 5 codes to see Warms Bodies this past Sunday.  😀