The Scorch Trials is NOTHING like the book!

On September 18, 2015, in Movies, by ComputerAbuser

The Scorch TrialsIf you have read the Maze Runner books and are thinking that The Scorch Trials movie will be anything like the book, I am telling you right now, that they are NOTHING alike.

We re-watched The Maze Runner Wednesday night and although there are some differences, the movie is pretty close to the book.

The Scorch Trials movie on the other hand, is NOTHING like the book!

I wouldn’t even be able to discuss the differences, there is really nothing that happens in the book that is shown on screen.  My daughter was heartbroken (she read the book as well).  I suspect she was willing to leave during the movie.  She hated it.  She insists that she won’t even watch the next movie.



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18 Responses to The Scorch Trials is NOTHING like the book!

  1. Jdkjdd says:

    Agreed!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like the book at all

  2. Yolks shake says:

    Completely agreed it made me so angry

  3. Randy says:

    I was so upset watching it at he movies, I remember thinking to myself when the movie would be over so I can leave… The movie didn’t even try to make anything similar, even down to the cure, or Brenda getting sick… So disappointed.

  4. intenseskill says:

    omg i could not believe it. i was sooo dissapointed obviously you expect differences but omg. things that are the same-no1 the names of most the characters no2 nope thats it.

  5. Randy says:

    Exactly only the accurate part was when they got high of the drink in the night club lol, the movie bastardized the book on purpose…

    • Supposedly, the changes were required because of the pieces that they didn’t include in the first movie, like Telepathy.

      I don’t understand how leaving out Telepathy would require such a drastic departure from the book.

      Actually, about 2/3rd’s of the way through I thought that they were just going to mash books 2 and 3 into one movie and not do any more sequels. Imagine my surprise when it just ended. There is barely anything left for the next movie.

  6. Randy says:

    I get it with the Telapathy but why not include Jorge actually flying like the book or Newt being sick? Or the dark tunnel in the beginning that burned one of the boys, or how they woke up with just there group and the one other boy.

    Like there was no need for the extra BS, WICKED wanted them out there in the book, even rescuing Thomas and sending him back out…..

    No reason to change any of that but they did lol.

  7. This movie makes me cry blood.

  8. Jaime says:

    The movie shouldn’t even be called the Scorch Trials! In the book, going through the scorch trials was phase 2 of the Variables. According to the movie, they escaped WICKED on their own, so there wasn’t any actual “trials”.

  9. Krisrina says:

    This was so different I thought, “did I read the book”?

  10. Colby says:

    Yea first of all there was supposed to be a group of 20+ people who go through a tunnel with floaty burning things then they walk out of the tunnel to the stormy place on the way he finds Teresa she doesn’t actually come with them and they forgot even the smallest parts such as the old man and him losing his blanket or how Jeorge and what’s her name (forgot her name) WHERE cranks just not fully gone and how In the book thy actually make it to the safe haven fight of tons of monsters and turns out it’s a big scam, OR how they never even met with the other group like the book and how Teresa was going to kill Thomas or how aris and Teresa back stab thomas

  11. Shannon says:

    I just watched the movie, and actually liked it more than the book. I almost hated the book. I was sucked into the series with how much I enjoyed book 1. I almost didn’t read book 3 (which I didn’t like as well) because I thought book 2 was bad.
    While I’m usually a die hard fan of keeping movies as similar to books as possible, this is one case where I am glad they changed the movie a lot. I think the movie makes so much more sense, and quite honestly I think the movie series would have failed if they kept it the same as the book.
    I’m sure I’m in a minority of those reading this post, but for those who didn’t like the 2nd and 3rd book, I think most would agree the movie changes made it better.

    I will make a small note that I am struggling with how the “betrayal” was handled and whether I think the movie version makes more sense or the book, but I think after sitting on it I am going to agree on the movie side more.

  12. Fion says:

    I had to research. I just finished book 2 and I was wondering if it was the right book I read. The movie is so far stretch from the book. How can they do that? Nothing is near. If I had read the book and watch the movie, I would have been so disappointed. Who wrote the movie script?

  13. Lorna says:

    I just read an interview with dashner he says that the third/fourth movie will bring it back on track!

  14. paul says:

    Okay people, let’s be honest here, alright? As much as purists WANT a cinematic version of the book, the book is not all that compelling to watch on screen. The Scorch Trials book has a lot of running over The Scorch, very few action scenes, a lot cerebral concepts, and frankly, doesn’t make it all that interesting of an adaption for the screen.

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