Redbox is leaving Canada!

On February 5, 2015, in Movies, Technology, by ComputerAbuser


Wow, I just recieved word that Redbox is leaving Canada!

Was it really that expensive to maintain service?

The last day to rent will be Feb 13th.


With Blockbuster and Rogers Video gone, there is basically no place in my area to rent movies.

If what I want to watch is not on Netflix, that doesn’t really leave many legal options.




Update: The Toronto Star now has an article about it as well…..

Movie rental company Redbox shutting down Canadian operation, pulling kiosks

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  1. Bill Pierce says:

    You’re right; the departure of Redbox leaves Canadians with virtually no economically reasonable alternatives. Brick and mortar video stores have all but disappeared. The cost of VOD rentals from cable providers is four to five times a Redbox rental. Netflix offers fewer than one-third of its US titles in Canada, and virtually no releases less than a year old. Canadian viewers have access to about half of iTunes’ US catalog. Amazon Instant Video is not available in Canada.

    No wonder, in terms of media, we feel we are exiled behind the Maple Leaf Curtain here in Canuckistan. That’s despite the hundreds of familiar names who are an integral part of entertainment in North America and happen to have Canadian origins or backgrounds.

    Thanks, Redbox, for putting another screw in our backsides and twisting it. It only encourages and enables the kind of media piracy and cynicism the industry so vigourously and sanctimoniously protests.

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