2016 Cineplex Peel & Pop – Game Tweaked!!

On July 4, 2016, in Movies, Random, by ComputerAbuser

PeelAndPopThe summer Cineplex Peel & Pop game has been running for a few weeks now.


In previous cycles, you would pop kernels for contest entries with the occasional instant prize being won. This year, you have to pop kernels to win wedges, which are like a partial prize.  You have to “earn” 3 or 4 wedges to win any one prize.  Sometimes you will get all 3 or 4 wedges for one item in a single game, giving you an “Instant” prize.

Initially, the game was more challenging on a mobile or tablet.  In a desktop browser, it was considerably easier.  For the most part I was able to pop over 200 kernels per game using a mouse.  Unfortunately, being able to pop that many kernels didn’t seem to increase the amount of wedges you could win.  Whether you popped 50 or 200 you always seem to end up with 3 to 5 wedges.  If you don’t pop all of your potential wedges during regular play, you get an extra chance to pop a bonus kernel, where the system would give you the remaining wedges.

Anyway, I tried again today after not playing since last week and holy crap, they quickly ramp up the speed now. I can only hit maybe 40 to 45 kernels!

Luckily any wedges you miss during regular play seem to come up with the bonus kernels. I’m still getting 3 to 5 wedges per play.  I used to be able to play better than 100% of all Canadians according to the end game message.  I guess they got wise and tweaked the game-play.



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