iPhone 4 in stock – Finally!

On November 29, 2010, in Technology, by ComputerAbuser

Back on Sept 1st, I mentioned that I had taken on the task of finding a shiny new Apple iPhone 4 for my lovely wife.  At the time the iPhone had been in Canada a little over a month.

It really shouldn’t have been that difficult.  According to Rogers Wireless, I was eligible to upgrade to the 16 GB model for $160; assuming I could find one.  They didn’t have any in stock so they advised me to pick one up at a Rogers Wireless dealer store.

I called the nearest store and was laughed at when I asked if they had any in stock.  It turned out that most stores had created wait lists since they were only getting 2 or 3 in at a time.  Places like Best Buy didn’t do wait lists, but they were selling out shortly after receiving stock.  I ended up adding my name to as many wait lists as possible.  Some stores were no longer adding names as their lists were already getting too long.

I then called Rogers back and complained about the issue.   The rep offered to put me on her personal call list.  Once they had stock, she would give me a call.

Other than occasionally checking with Best Buy to see if they had any in stock, I left it at that.


Skip to last week.  😡

No one called, not even the Rogers customer service rep.  As of last week I had supposedly been on half a dozen wait lists for almost 3 months.  That’s total BULL$#!T!!!  If Apple isn’t able to build enough iPhone 4s to supply Canada, what business do they have launching in China and elsewhere?  👿

Then comes Friday night (3 days ago).  Out of the blue, my local Rogers Video calls me up to tell me that they happen to have an iPhone 4 in stock if I am still interested.  He also mentioned that Rogers recently changed their upgrade eligibility rules so that many of the people on his wait list were no longer eligible (isn’t that convenient).

He checked my account and luckily I was still eligible.

I checked with the wife and she still wanted it, so I went over and grabbed it.

I had to extend my contract to 3 years and it’s still going to add over $200 to my next bill (after fees and taxes).  I’m sure glad I have been a Rogers Wireless customer for over 10 years, I get such special treatment.  🙁

You know what, after having an Apple iPad for over a month and an Apple iPod for a lot longer, the iPhone 4 doesn’t seem like anything special.

Regardless, the wife is happy.  Rogers has me by the balls for another 3 years and Apple has one more iTunes slave.  Everybody wins!  🙂

Wait a minute!  What do I win?  Ahhh CRAP!!!


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