Cineplex / General Mills – Free Movie Go Bye Bye

On March 23, 2011, in Movies, by ComputerAbuser

Before February ended, I was able to catch a few more free movies using my General Mills passes (before they essentially expired).  These include The Eagle, Unknown, Drive Angry 3D and Hall Pass.

The Eagle (37% RT) – I didn’t have high expectations for this one but it was only rated PG, I had a couple of kids passes that I wanted to use up and the kids decided they wanted to see it (since there were no family movies out that they had not already seen).  It wasn’t that bad.  The story was interesting, the action was pretty good and the acting was decent (I’m not really a fan of Channing Tatum – how does this guy keep getting movie roles?).  I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it.  It would be worth renting if you wanted a decent action film, like period movies and don’t have anything better to watch.

Unknown (55% RT) – This one was a nice surprise.  Sadly, a big chunk of the plot was shown in the various movie trailers, but I still enjoyed it.  I had only watched Taken (57% RT) a few weeks earlier on Netflix and I still had Neeson’s character from that movie on my mind, so I kept waiting for him to start kicking ass but he never did.  Technically, he wasn’t supposed to since the character in this movie is only a Doctor.  Still, I really enjoyed it.

Drive Angry 3D (45% RT) – Here we have another 3D cash grab, although this one was “Filmed in 3D” not just processed for 3D.  Either way, as with 99% of the live action 3D movies released so far, the 3D aspect was a joke and a waste of my money.  Other than the occasional random object flying towards the screen, the 3D effect was mostly unnoticeable.  Regardless, I enjoyed the movie.  The action was over the top, the acting was passable and the story was campy.  Either way, it was still fun.  Plus Amber Heard was smokin’ hot in them cut off jean shorts (that alone is almost enough reason to see this movie).

Hall Pass (34% RT) – I was really looking forward to this movie.  I was pretty much able to guess the entire plot before going in, but it was still funny as hell.  The whole idea of a Hall Pass is absurd really.  I can’t imagine a married man getting a Hall Pass, going out and sleeping with a bunch of women and them coming home after the week was up as if nothing happened.  The idea make sense in theory and perhaps fun to fantasize about, but would never work in reality.  That’s not the point though, the point is to watch two bumbling idiots make fools of themselves for our enjoyment and to that end it works.


I still have a couple of passes on hand, but I’m not going to waste them in March (exactly how does a free small popcorn compare to a $12 movie ticket?).  Starting next month though, they are good for a free 2 for 1 ticket which is the next best thing to a free movie.



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