General Mills / Cineplex Free 2 for 1 Starts Today

This is just a small reminder that all of those free Cineplex movie passes that didn’t get used up in February are now good for a free 2 for 1.

I suppose you could have used them in March for a free small popcorn, but that would have been a waste.

April is not exactly the best month for movies, but it’s not all bad.  If you haven’t already seen The Adjustment Bureau, Battle: LA, Limitless, The Lincoln Lawyer, Paul or Sucker Punch, they should all still be in theatres.

Coming up in April we have Source Code (today), Your Highness (April 8th), Scream 4 (April 15th) & Fast Five (April 22nd).  Ya, OK that’s a pretty weak line up.  Oh well, might as well use them up now.  Next month the passes are only good for a free small drink.  😉


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