Netflix Lowers Data Usage for Canadians

On March 28, 2011, in Movies, Technology, by ComputerAbuser

In direct response to all of the UBB crap (Usage Based Billing) going on up here in Canada, Netflix has added the option for users to control the amount of data used for streaming content.

According to Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer at Netflix), users will have the option to choose between three levels of service: Good, Better & Best, in order to control the amount of data used each month.

All of the details are outlined in his post on the Netflix Blog here….

Apparently, using the old default settings, 30 hrs of streaming content could consume up to 70 GB of data.  Using the new defaults, throughput should drop to around 9 GB for the same amount of video.

Obviously there is a hit to the video quality as a result (though it may not be that noticeable).  If you want to change it back, the option is found under \Your Account & Help\Manage Video Quality.



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