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Netflix Lowers Data Usage for Canadians

In direct response to all of the UBB crap (Usage Based Billing) going on up here in Canada, Netflix has added the option for users to control the amount of data used for streaming content.

According to Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer at Netflix), users will have the option to choose between three levels of service: Good, Better & Best, in order to control the amount of data used each month.

All of the details are outlined in his post on the Netflix Blog here….

Apparently, using the old default settings, 30 hrs of streaming content could consume up to 70 GB of data.  Using the new defaults, throughput should drop to around 9 GB for the same amount of video.

Obviously there is a hit to the video quality as a result (though it may not be that noticeable).  If you want to change it back, the option is found under \Your Account & Help\Manage Video Quality.



Paramount signs deal with Netflix Canada

Three days after adding Iron Man 2 to their Canadian line-up, Netflix has officially sent out a press release announcing their multi-year licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures.

Netflix and Paramount Reach Multi-Year Premium Pay TV Window Deal in Canada

I’m guessing the deal was actually finalized a while ago since The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Defiance and The African Queen were added way back on March 2nd, but are listed as upcoming in the press release.

Regardless, this is great news and confirms my earlier suspicion that we could be expecting more content from Paramount Pictures in the near future.


Holy Crap, Iron Man 2 is on Netflix Canada!!

Lately I have noticed that Netflix has been pretty good about adding new, quality content to their Canadian site.  Especially when it comes to TV series.  This past month the following TV series’ have been added…..

Prison Break: The Complete Series

Roswell: The Complete Series

Firefly: The Complete Series

Angel: The Complete Series

Arrested Development: The Complete Series

Dollhouse: The Complete Series

All that is left to add is Buffy The Vampire Slayer and they will have the entire Joss Whedon collection.

Anyway, today I was shocked to see that Iron Man 2 was added.  This has to be a pretty major milestone.  Iron Man 2 was the third highest grossing film (domestically) last year.  This is by far the newest feature film by Paramount Home Entertainment released on Netflix Canada so far.  Hopefully this means we will see some more recent blockbuster films added in the near future.



Cineplex / General Mills – Free Movie Go Bye Bye

Before February ended, I was able to catch a few more free movies using my General Mills passes (before they essentially expired).  These include The Eagle, Unknown, Drive Angry 3D and Hall Pass.

The Eagle (37% RT) – I didn’t have high expectations for this one but it was only rated PG, I had a couple of kids passes that I wanted to use up and the kids decided they wanted to see it (since there were no family movies out that they had not already seen).  It wasn’t that bad.  The story was interesting, the action was pretty good and the acting was decent (I’m not really a fan of Channing Tatum – how does this guy keep getting movie roles?).  I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it.  It would be worth renting if you wanted a decent action film, like period movies and don’t have anything better to watch.

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GoogleMaps – MIA Update 3

Previously I wrote on how my home area was initially missing from GoogleMaps, but that after sending in a complaint it was updated.

The initial response from Google stated that I would be notified after the update.  After I noticed that my area was added back in I assumed I would hear back from Google, but I didn’t.  At least, not until a couple a weeks ago when I received this e-mail….

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