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Netflix Canada – Selection After 2 Months

Netflix has been available in Canada now for a little over 2 months.  Initial reaction to the service was overall positive but with one significant negative – limited selection.

Since the launch, Netflix has been able to slowly add new content on a semi-daily basis.

In addition to new content, Netflix also launched native applications for Wii and Xbox 360.

So after two months, what is the selection like?

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iPhone 4 in stock – Finally!

Back on Sept 1st, I mentioned that I had taken on the task of finding a shiny new Apple iPhone 4 for my lovely wife.  At the time the iPhone had been in Canada a little over a month.

It really shouldn’t have been that difficult.  According to Rogers Wireless, I was eligible to upgrade to the 16 GB model for $160; assuming I could find one.  They didn’t have any in stock so they advised me to pick one up at a Rogers Wireless dealer store.

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Goozex Price Increase

In case you haven’t heard, Goozex made an announcement yesterday regarding a necessary price increase in the use of the game/movie trading service.

Starting December 1st, trading tokens will increase to $1.99 from the original $1.00.

Trading tokens are only required when you receive a game/movie, so this change does not effect sending them out.

The benefits of the increase, as quoted from the statement, are as follows…

“The fee increase allows Goozex to keep expanding the service, meet your customer support demands, and improve the e-commerce experience for all members. Along with the fee increase we are going to deliver a better and improved user experience on Goozex.”

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Emulators for Windows Mobile in WVGA

Windows Mobile may be on it’s death bed, but there are still a lot of people out there using phones running the venerable OS.

For those users that want to get their game on, one of the best ways is by using an emulator to play old console and arcade games.

Modern Windows Mobile phones like the HTC HD2, Toshiba TG01, Acer S200 and LG eXpo feature large WVGA screens and 1GHz Snapdragon processors; ideal for running emulators.

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GoogleMaps – MIA Update 2

As an update to my previous post about my area disappearing from GoogleMaps, I just checked and it is back up.

I have no idea when it was updated.

After originally sending an e-mail to Google about it, I was told they would update it and send me an e-mail to let me know when it was done.

I didn’t get the follow up, but at least they did the update.  1 out of 2 ain’t bad.  😀


Want to know what’s new on Netflix Canada?

Netflix has been in Canada for two months now and since launching they have added a lot of new content.  In fact, new movies are added on a daily basis.

One way to keep up to date on new content is to subscribe to the official RSS feed located at

An even better solution though, is to subscribe to the unofficial RSS feed located at

Built by Aaron Hildebrandt of, “What’s New on Netflix Canada” adds time stamps and a direct link to “Watch Now”.

As an added bonus, subscribing to the unofficial feed allows you to avoid the issue of US based RSS readers being re-directed to instead of


Windows Phone 7 Released in US & Canada

Although launched almost a month ago in Europe and Australia, today marks the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in North America.

As of today, phones should be available either online or in store for Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Online, Rogers lists the Samsung Focus for $200 on a 3 year term ($600 with no term).

Bell lists the LG Optimus Quantum for $100 on a 3 year ($450 with no contract).

Telus lists both the HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7.  Prices are $100/$450 for the Surround and $100/$500 for the Optimus.

As usual, Rogers pricing is the worst and Telus has the best selection.  I would be temped to upgrade to the LG Optimus Quantum since I prefer a hardware keyboard, but Windows Phone is missing too much of what I need.  Most importantly Remote Desktop.  Currently, nothing matches Windows Mobile for Remote Desktop support and I can’t see switching to Windows Phone until it does.


Netflix Canada – Wii Application Review

As I mentioned a few days ago, Netflix recently released a native application for the Wii.  This means that you no longer require a disc in order to access the Netflix service.

The Wii may not be the best way to access Netflix, but it will probably suffice for many.

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Netflix Canada – Xbox 360 now supported

I just received an e-mail from Netflix stating that the Xbox 360 is now supported.

Of course, don’t forget the fine print….

Xbox LIVE Gold membership required to watch instantly via the Xbox 360.”

I personally don’t have an Xbox 360 that I can test this with, so I will have to take their word for it.  🙂