DealExtreme – 2 Month Delivery (Yikes!)

On December 7, 2010, in Random, by ComputerAbuser

Back on Oct 1st I discussed ordering from DealExtreme for the first time.  I had never ordered from them before but the price was right (stupid cheap) and shipping was free.

Well, late last week, I finally received a small envelope labelled Hong Kong Airmail.

For those of you paying attention, if I am only now receiving my order, that means it took almost 2 months for it to be delivered.  WTFIUWT?

Not only that, but they didn’t send the PS3 remote; the whole reason I made the order in the first place.

I can only assume the PS3 remote was back-ordered and that I will get it eventually, though hopefully before 2011 rolls around.  What I did receive was a mini-USB to micro-USB adaptor and a battery cover for my PSP.

The micro-USB adaptor is labelled Motorola (not sure what device it was originally intended for) and it works fine; so no problems there.

The PSP battery cover is after-market, so the colour and texture is ever so slightly off.  It fits pretty good and will probably be just fine.

I hope the PS3 remote works just as well.  As for delivery time, 2 months is a little extreme and not in a good way.  Assuming the PS3 remote works fine, I will probably order from them again, but only if I’m not in a hurry.


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2 Responses to DealExtreme – 2 Month Delivery (Yikes!)

  1. james from canada says:

    I ordered from them December 31st 2010. My item still hasnt arrived and its the end of January….i thought my wait was long. At least now I know i didnt get screwed. Theres still hope for my order to come in ! lol

  2. Indeed.

    Sadly, I am still waiting for my PS3 remote. Tomorrow it will have been 4 months since I ordered it. 🙁

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