Finally Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution

On July 15, 2013, in Games, by ComputerAbuser

Well, somehow it took me 120 hours (according to Steam), but I finally finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution this weekend.

I was EXTREMELY thorough.  Every computer or security panel that could be hacked, I hacked.  Regardless of whether I had the code or not.  I also played Pacifist and avoided killing anyone my entire play-though (or so I had thought, see below).  The benefit was that I had an insane amount of XP by the end.  I was able to upgrade almost every single augmentation.

Long before I reached the 2nd boss I had already upgraded everything that I wanted to.

Once the credits started rolling, though, I realized that the Pacifist achievement never popped up.  I was also expecting the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement as well, but that also never came.

Turns out that I killed some people during the prologue (before you get augmented or are given the option of a non-lethal weapon), so I lost the option within the first hour of playing.

I know in my heart that the moment I was given a tranquillizer gun and given the option to not kill people, that not a single human was injured by my hand.  I was extremely careful and continuously reloaded from my save files whenever something went wrong.  It just sucks that I lost the achievement before I even knew you could play non-lethal.



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