Windows Mobile My Phone Shutting Down!!!!!

On June 8, 2011, in Technology, by ComputerAbuser


Pappa, say it ain’t so!!!

Microsoft just sent out an e-mail notice that they will soon be shutting down the Windows Mobile Marketplace (not a big deal) and more importantly the MyPhone service.

DAMMIT!! I can’t believe it.  No wait, I can.  Microsoft, you screwed us when you dropped Windows Mobile and now you want to kill one of the last good things going for it.  😡

[You can view the entire e-mail after the jump.]

The Windows Mobile Marketplace was launched shortly before Windows Phone 7 and never really caught on, so I’m not surprised by that decision.

The My Phone service on the other hand is a god send.  I can jump between Windows Mobile phones, sync with My Phone and suddenly have all of my contacts, pictures and text messages available on the new phone.  Very handy when you switch between phones or like to try different ROMs.

According to the notice, the service will stop synchronizing as of Aug 7th 2011 (launch day for Windows Live Skydrive) and will cease to exist after Oct 6th 2011.

So, so sad.  🙁




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