Fujitsu Lifebook vs. Green Tea

On September 12, 2011, in Random, by ComputerAbuser

So I guess the “Spill Proof” keyboard on my Fujitsu Lifebook S7110 was not so “Spill Proof” after all.  🙁

I was typing away on my keyboard when I bumped my cup of green tea and it splashed all over my keyboard.

I promptly shut it down and did my best to dry it off (I drink my tea straight – no sugar or milk).  After letting it dry overnight I was glad to learn that the laptop was still working fine, though several of the keys were not working.  It’s odd because there doesn’t seem to be any circuitry within the keyboard other than the track-point which still works fine.

Anyway, I picked up a replacement from Laptops Parts Expert.  The price was a little high but it was shipped quickly and works perfectly.

I suppose you could say that although it wasn’t 100% spill proof, the keyboard did it’s job and took one for the team.  So long little keyboard, I’m going to miss touching you all over.  😯



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