General Mills/Cineplex Passes Now in Effect

The free Cineplex passes from General Mills are now in effect, so let the free movies begin.  😀

So far I have seen 3 movies.

On Tuesday I took the kids to The Green Hornet.  I forgot that it was being shown in 3D and had to shell out an extra $3 (each).  What an evil, unnecessary cash grab.  In no way, did that movie need to be shown in 3D.  BAHH, this 3D crap is starting to get on my nerves.  Despite the 3D annoyance, the movie was pretty good.  Jay Chou did a pretty convincing job considering he has no martial arts training.

Last night was a double wammy with The Mechanic and The Dilemma.

The Mechanic was good.  I was worried that it would be another Transporter movie, but it wasn’t.  I thought Statham and Foster both did a great job.

The Dilemma was also very good.  Probably not one you need to see in theaters, but why not when it’s free.  😉


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