The real Prince of Persia – Jordan Mechner

If you enjoyed the original Price of Persia video game (circa 1989 – 1992), you may be interested in reading up on the making of it on Jordan Mechner’s blog/website.

If you didn’t know, Jordan Mechner is the creator of the franchise.  He designed and programmed the first game by himself back in the 80’s when he worked for Brøderbund.

The entire process is told through personal journal entries that he kept during the time.  Spanning over 7 years, the journals describe what it was like to be a game designer/programmer at the time and some of the inner workings of the business.

I found the whole thing very interesting, but it may take several sessions to get through it all.

Jordan Mechner also wrote the original screenplay for the Prince of Persia movie from last summer and he has generously uploaded a PDF copy for those interested in reading it.  Several other writers made changes to the script before it was put to film, so there are some major differences to what was seen in theaters.  There are other goodies as well, like a copy of the Prince of Persia (2003) screenplay and tips for game designers, so go check it out.  😀

direct links…..

The Making of Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia – Original Screenplay


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