Tex Murphy Sale on GoG

On February 11, 2011, in Games, by ComputerAbuser

I just received word that the Tex Murphy series of games are on sale at GOG.com (sale ends Monday).

Mean Streets was one of the first PC games I ever played.  My friend had a copy for his 286.  This was before sound cards were common, yet the game was still able to output speech using the PC speaker.  Pretty amazing at the time.

I then received a copy of Under a Killing Moon for my 16th birthday.  To this day it is still one of the best games I ever played (amazingly Pandora Directive was even better).

If you have never played or even heard of these games you are missing out.  That is if you enjoy a game with an excellent story, fantastic music, memorable characters and enjoyable gameplay.

Obviously, they are pretty dated now and if you don’t like point & click adventure games, you may not care for these either, but for under $15 you can get the whole series (DRM free) which is a pretty sweet deal.


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