A New Alienware 14 Is On The Way

On October 25, 2013, in Technology, by ComputerAbuser
Alienware 14 (2013)

Alienware 14 (2013)

Well, after humming and hawing for two weeks I finally decided on the 2013 Alienware 14 from Dell.

The Inspiron 17R Special Edition (7720) I ordered back in May just didn’t cut it.

I sent back the Latitude E6540 without opening it.

I almost went with the Latitude 3540, but a few things just didn’t work for me.

I liked the size, 1080p anti-glare screen and AMD Radeon HD 8850m GPU.  I didn’t like that it lacked any type of digital video output.  At my desk I use HDMI to connect to a switch that also connects to a Blu-Ray player and HDTV Cable Box.  I could have used VGA to connect directly to my monitor, but without HDMI or DisplayPort I would need to use the analog audio output to connect the sound to my stereo and I would already need the headphone/mic port for my headset.

I could have worked around this limitation (purchase a USB Headset), but I was able to get an extra $150 off of the Alienware 14 which was already on sale by $100.  Plus with the Dell Advantage Loyalty Program, I will get another 5% back, which is only available on “Home & Home Office” purchases, not Small Business.

For 45% more in cost (over the Latitude 3540), the Alienware provides 70% more gaming performance (with the NVidia GTX 765m GPU), plus double the RAM, considerably faster CPU and fancy lights.  I will miss the larger screen and better battery life though.

It should be here within 2 weeks.



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