Stargate Atlantis No Longer on Netflix USA

On August 2, 2012, in Movies, by ComputerAbuser

I posted a short while ago that i was disappointed that Stargate Atlantis was not on Netflix Canada and had to resort to using a hack to access Netflix USA in order to watch it.

Well, I guess I missed the notice, because Netflix’s license to carry Atlantis expired yesterday.  Meaning, it’s no longer there.

This doesn’t mean it will never come back, but Netflix will have to negotiate a new contract with the content owners.

I hope they do this soon.  I was only half way through season 2 and it was getting pretty good.  I would hate to have to waste a bunch of time downloading it illegally.  At least with Netflix, somebody is getting paid.



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4 Responses to Stargate Atlantis No Longer on Netflix USA

  1. darthmodest says:

    Atlantis is still available in the US on Amazon Prime. Its like $80 for 1 year membership, uinlimited streaming of certain titles with option to legally download or “buy” episodes or seasons. Just another option.

  2. Definitely an option for those folks in the US. Thanks for the tip.

    • darthmodest says:

      option for anyone else, too, with a little VPN magic. Its all a big pain though – if they could just have told us all that Atlantis was going away from Netflix, then we wouldn’t be surprised. Still disappointed, but not surprised. Makes me wonder what other shows/movies will be abruptly leaving.

      • Very true. I’ve been trading or selling my old movies away because many of them are already on Netflix, so I figured I wouldn’t need them any more. The fact that they might disappear changes things.

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