PAX Prime 2012 Sold Out in under 48 hours!!!

On May 4, 2012, in Games, Technology, by ComputerAbuser

To the surprise of everyone, including I would assume the expo organizers,  PAX Prime has sold every single pass in under 48 hrs.

I personally was completely taken off guard.  I was on the road for work, but I made an effort to check the PAX Prime website at least once a day for the past week on my smartphone.

After a failed attempt to launch registration on April 25th, it was apparent that attendee registration would again launch any day.  I had checked in the morning on May 2nd but there were no updates.  I decided to check again in the evening and BAM!!! 3 day passes were already sold out.  I was like WTF!!!!!  How could they be sold out of 3 day passes already, I just checked that morning and they weren’t even available yet.

Without hesitation I picked up 2 sets of 3×1 day passes for my son and I.  Having to pay $40 extra each is kinda sucky, but $40 is pretty insignificant in comparison to the rest of the costs involved in travelling to Seattle for a weekend.  A friend of mine who has been going to PAX longer than I have didn’t even get a single pass.  Now that’s pretty damn sad.

Browsing the PAX forums, it appears that many long time attendees were also unable to secure passes, which is horrible.  I guess we should expect a lot of new faces this year, either that or scalpers have weaseled their way in and ruined it for everyone.  🙁

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