PAX 2010 – Day 0 Recap (on-route)

On September 13, 2010, in Games, Random, by ComputerAbuser

Because I didn’t plan ahead, I had to get a hotel far, far away from the Washington State Convention Center, the location of PAX Prime 2010.  Techinically, there were still rooms available in walking distance to the convention center, but the least expensive was around $190/night and I’m way too cheap to pay that much.  This meant that I would have to drive to Seattle so that I would have a vehicle to get me from my Hotel to the expo and back.

The drive down from Vancouver is not too bad.  The border wait was only 30 minutes going south and once I was on the other side I stopped at an AT&T store and picked up a pre-paid SIM card so that I would have data and cellular use while in Seattle at a reasonable rate.

My previous SIM card had already expired, so the guy at AT&T hooked me up with a new SIM card at no charge.  I put down $100 so that it would be good for a year.

Once I hit Seattle I met up with a guy to buy my 3 day pass.  It kinda sucks paying $120 for a pass that was originally $55, but that’ll learn me for next year.

Then I met up with another guy who bought my Friday pass.  He was pretty cool and suggested I try and get passes to the various after parties once I hit the expo floor.

After that I headed for the hotel.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t set data up on my phone yet, so I didn’t have access to Google Maps which meant lots of wrong turns and back tracking.  I suppose a paper map would have worked, but who the hell uses paper maps anymore?

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