Man, I’m starting to hate 3D movies!!!!!

On February 20, 2012, in Movies, Random, by ComputerAbuser

I’m starting to get pretty sick of 3D movies.  Ya, it worked well with Avatar and the 3D experiences at Disney Land are pretty cool, but 3D in movies is starting to piss me off.

For example, yesterday I took the kids to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island using my free movie passes.  I had to pay an extra $9 in fees for the 3D “upgrade” and the in the end the 3D was a joke (not in a good way).  I suppose it didn’t help that the movie was mostly forgettable, but it really highlighted how pointless 3D is, other than a dirty cash grab.

Really, there shouldn’t be an extra charge for 3D.  If a studio wants to add 3D, it should be an extra something to bring people to your movie.  At the moment, it’s mostly added as an afterthought to try and bring in more money.

When I go to see Ghost Rider 2 this week I will again have to pay an extra $3 and I can guarantee that the 3D will be completely unnecessary and a waste of $3.




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