Cineplex Scene Points RIP OFF!!!

On May 9, 2011, in Movies, Random, by ComputerAbuser

I like to see movies in theatres, but I’m also a cheapskate.  That means, to me, paying $12 to see a movie at a fancy new theatre doesn’t really appeal to me (some movies are an exception).  Instead I go to my local, family owned theatre and pay $6 instead ($4 on Tuesdays).

When I do go to the “big” theater, I try to make up for the high cost by collecting Scene Points.  I’m not sure what the equivalent would be in the U.S. but in Canada, Cineplex theaters (the largest theater chain) have a points program.  Basically, you get 100 points per ticket and 1000 points gets you a free movie.

1 free movie for every 10 tickets is actually pretty good (you also get 10% off at the concession stand).  Where’s the rip off you ask?

Well, you are limited to the points for 1 general admission and 2 child admissions per transaction.  So if you, your spouse and 3 children go to a movie, you only get 200 points (instead of 350).    If you decide to treat some friends to a movie you will only get 100 points.

Obviously, the way around this is to have the ticket agent process each general admission as a different transaction, but they limit you to two transactions, so they get you either way.

It’s pretty scummy if you ask me.  Lets say you want to do a movie marathon and watch three movies in one day with two friends, your treat.  The most you can get is 200 points instead of the 900 points you are entitled to.  What a scam!!!


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13 Responses to Cineplex Scene Points RIP OFF!!!

  1. David says:

    What we do, is I buy my own ticket, and my wife buys her own. Same end cost and that way we get the 200 points. We each have our own card.

    One other great thing is that if you have movie pass, you still get points. So if you use Icoke pts to get free passes, you are getting pts and free movies.

    Works like a charm.

  2. Ya, I guess that’s the whole idea. Cineplex figures everyone should have their own scene card. It’s a pain that you have to do multiple transactions in order to maximize your points.

    Actually, the last time I was there the ticket agent asked if I wanted to do two transactions so that I would get all of the points. I’ve never had them ask that before, heck sometimes the don’t even ask for the card.

  3. […] it was only a month ago that I was bitching about getting ripped off of scene points on admission purchases. Maybe someone over there is actually listening?  Ya, probably […]

  4. B says:

    You realize that’s there so you can’t exploit the system by buying tickets for the 20 people in line behind you, right? Seems fair to me, you get points for the tickets you purchase and use for yourself. Get your wife her own card so the points don’t go to waste.

    • I would expect that you only get points for the movies you pay for. If you want to pay for the next 20 people in line, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get their points (assuming they don’t mind someone else paying for them in exchange for their points).

      I’m guessing Cineplex just wants to get more people signed up with Scene. It helps create repeat business and allows them to collect more data for advertising and customer metrics.

  5. Larry says:

    Actually you can only get points for one movie on one card per day. Most of the time they cashiers are trained to accept two different cards for two movie purchases. To be sure you get both cards used you have to use the machine in the foyer which is down about 30-40% of the time.

    If the cashier does not know which button to press to accept two cards you get ripped off in the Owen Sound theatre. If there is a system problem, you get ripped off in the Owen Sound theatre. They usually tell you to come back after the show and they will straighten up with you but the second card point option cannot be performed at which point they tell you to go to their website and submit a claim. Five times we have submitted claims with the Scotia Bank website and never received a response and have never had ay points corrected.

    I am very happy to experience the Scene Card processes as we were thinking of transferring all our banking to the ore local Scotia Bank in Meaford, Ontario. With our experiences with their Scene Card now we wouldn’t go near their bank with a ten foot pole. I wouldn’t trust my bird’s seed bank with them. The Scene Card system has been a very good learning experience.

    …and BTW: It is not every 10th movie you get free. It is every 11th movie. You don’t earn points when you use points. You will get 1 movie for every 11 you see.

  6. Yassabi says:

    What a bunch of whiners. Free movie is a free movie.

    • gino chouinard says:

      STFU dude. u like to get your ass fuc*ed by them ? fine. but NOT EVERYONE like those stupid marketing tactics… +1 @computerabuser

  7. gino chouinard says:

    your are fuckin totally RIGHT!! fuck cineplex. I go on p*ratebay 😉

  8. Aaron says:

    So the FREE card that is giving you FREE things is a scam? They sure “ripped you off” by giving you something for free… worst ever.

  9. steve says:

    Buy your tickets online individually then just print at theatre.

  10. Dustin says:

    Some people are so dumb. Okay it’s quite simple. Make a cineplex odeon account.

    Add the extra card for second, third etc…

    Buy tickets. The Scene Points get sent onto both cards. Then you can get all the points your self-entitled self feels entitled too.

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