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DealExtreme – Order Fulfillment Progress

So I guess DealExtreme hasn’t forgotten about me after all.  I just received an e-mail from them titled Order Fulfilment Progress and it states that they are still working on getting my order sent out.

You can read the contents of the message after the jump.

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DealExtreme – 2 Month Delivery (Yikes!)

Back on Oct 1st I discussed ordering from DealExtreme for the first time.  I had never ordered from them before but the price was right (stupid cheap) and shipping was free.

Well, late last week, I finally received a small envelope labelled Hong Kong Airmail.

For those of you paying attention, if I am only now receiving my order, that means it took almost 2 months for it to be delivered.  WTFIUWT?

Not only that, but they didn’t send the PS3 remote; the whole reason I made the order in the first place.

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dealextreme – Crazy Cheap, Straight from HK

Ever heard of dealextreme?  Ya, most people haven’t.

A co-worker told me about them a while ago, but I never actually dealt with them until today.

I was looking for a PS3 infrared remote control.

Really cheap units go for as little as $5 shipped on eBay, but I wanted one with a PS/Home button.

Eventually I came across a post on AVSForum from a member who purchased this one.

It appears to meet my needs so I decided to go for it.  I ended up buying a couple of  other cables and adapters at the same time because the prices are just so unbelievably low.  Plus shipping is free!

I guess we will have to see.  Maybe the prices are justified and the stuff is total crap.  Only one way to find out.  😀