Project Fedora Kickstarter Success!!!

In case you missed it last week, the Project Fedora Kickstarter was a complete success.

The target was actually hit June 7th, but things really exploded on June 6th.  That was the day of “Update #19: The Magnificent 7!”

See, after 22 days of modest growth the Kickstarter was pretty much on target to hit the $450K goal shortly before the end date.  Most days were averaging around $9K.  It was then that the folks at Big Finish Games posted their 19th project update.

In this update, we were notified that as a result of hitting 4500 backers, the Magnificent 7 (7 unknown high donors) would be donating $4K for every $6K raised starting at $386K, as a means to leapfrog the way to the $450K project goal.

I don’t know what they were expecting, but things exploded!!!  Within minutes $20K had been raised and within hours we were within $20K of the goal which was achieved the next morning.  it was all very exciting as you could imagine.  Overall almost $100K was raised in that 24 hour period.

In the end over $600K was raised (including Paypal donations) which is pretty good compared to projects like SpaceVenture & Pinkerton Road.  I would have preferred a lot more, but considering $600K was raised by only 7000 backers (SpaceVenture & Pinkerton had over 10K backers each) I guess we can’t complain.



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