Netflix Canada – Missing TV Episodes?

The other day a buddy of mine sent me an e-mail to point out that Sliders was added to Netflix recently.  We both used to watch that show so it brings up a bit of nostalgia.  There is actually a slew of new shows that I would love to watch that have been added, like Stargate SG1 and Farscape for example.

Anyway, today I logged in and decided to look at some of the member reviews and that’s when I was made aware that several episodes are missing.

Apparently, this is not news if you are a US subscriber.  Sliders has been available for streaming in the US for a few years.  From what I can tell, there are the occasional episodes missing from many of the TV shows available for streaming.  I’ve read that this is due to licensing issues relating to the particular episodes that often center around music (lack of distribution agreements for a particular song for example).

Regardless, it makes it pretty difficult to watch a new show when the pilot is one of the episodes that’s not available.  😡



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