PAX 2010 – Less than 2 days away!

PAX LogoPAX Prime is now less than 2 days away.

A short while ago I received my passes for Friday and Sunday.  It was at that time I set out to find a Saturday pass.

I initially checked out Craigslist Seattle, but that was a zoo.  Some guys were trying to sell their Saturday passes for over $100.  Luckily, the PAX forum started a thread for good folks wanting to sell unneeded passes and only at face value (no scalping).

I tried that for a few days, but eventually ended up accepting an offer for a 3 day pass on Craigslist.  We agreed at a price of $120, which I can live with.  Had I purchased three single day passes in the first place, it would have been $35×3 plus $15 shipping ($120 total).

In order to sell my two single day passes, I put them up on the PAX forum.  Ya, I could have sold them for more on Craigslist, but I like the idea that they are trying to prevent scalping and I don’t want to contribute to the problem.

Don’t ya know, scalping is bad.  Especially if you’re a Nazi!


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