Random: Bank Refuses to Make Change

It’s not often that I have to take the bus, but yesterday afternoon while my trusty Yaris was getting a check-up, I decided to take the bus down to have lunch with my wife.

The bus fare where I live is $2.50 and as luck would have it, I had a $5 bill on me (I generally don’t have cash in this increasingly cashless world).  Further to this lucky streak, I was directly in front of a bank when I made this decision and it seemed like a perfect place to get change.  You know, since it’s a bank and all.

I casually sauntered in and walked straight up to a cashier since the bank happened to be empty at the time.  I then politely asked if they could break the $5 bill for me.

At first the cashier looked at me with a very confused expression.  To her credit, I think she was new.  She took the money and froze there for a second.  Then she looked to the cashier to her left for some guidance.  It was then that the other cashier whispered to her “Ask him if he is a client”.

She asked me nicely, “Sir, are you a client at this bank?”.  I said “no” and then she looked back at her co-worker who shook her head from side to side.  She then told me “Sorry sir, I’m not able to do that for you”.

WTF!!!!  I asked her nicely, “so, since I’m not a client, you won’t break this $5 bill for me?”.  Again she said “no”.

What total bullshit.  Since when do you need to be a client of a particular bank before they will make change?  I guess it has been a while since I have stepped into a bank as I do everything electronically, but when did this evil no-making-change régime take over?  I can understand not cashing some strangers cheque or something that somehow puts the bank at risk.  Was there some recent flood of counterfeit $5 bills in the market that I never heard about?  Well, if there is, the Quiznos down the block hasn’t heard about it since they had no problem giving me change.

I guess that’s what you call bad customer service.


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