Goozex – Red Dead Redemption Surprise

Sometimes it’s not easy being a Canadian on Goozex.  Especially when you factor in the exorbitant rates charged by Canada Post.  Would you believe that depending on the size and weight, it sometimes costs less to ship to the US then it would to ship across the country?  On the other hand, if it weighs more than 100 g and you need to ship to the US, it costs over $5 (without tracking or insurance), which makes you think twice about listing 100 point games.

Anyway, the other day I was looking through my list of requests and I went and checked out my place in line for Red Dead Redemption for PS3.  A small tear came to my eye as I noticed I was still in 85th place despite having had the game on my list for months.  Heck, when I first added it, it didn’t even list my place in line, it simply said “Long wait…”; so I guess 85th place was an improvement.

Well, imagine my surprise when later that day I was notified that another Goozex member was sending me Red Dead Redemption.

WHAT, how could that be?  Goozex you lie!!

I then logged onto Goozex to see what was up and that was when I realized what had happened.

See, some Canadian Goozex members either don’t know you can or are unwilling to ship to the US.  That means they will only ship to other Canadians.  That also means they can’t receive games from US members; which cuts them out of a majority of the available trades.  So despite being in 85th place, apparently I was the first Canadian in line, which means a shiny new (used) copy of Red Dead Redemption will soon be mine.  😀


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