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I Am Number 4 and more Free Cineplex movies

Over the past few weeks I have been able to watch several more movies for free using my General Mills Cineplex movie passes.

These include True Grit, 127 Hrs, No Strings Attached and yesterday I Am Number Four.

True Grit and 127 Hours were both exceptional, although that was to be expected given their Tomatometer ratings (95% & 93% respectively).

No Strings Attached was a pleasant surprise.  Romantic comedies of this nature normally don’t fare very well with critics and here it shows with a modest 51% Tomatometer rating, but my wife and I enjoyed it immensely.  In fact, half way through the movie my wife informed me that “we’re buying this movie”.

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Back to the Future: Free Episode now Available!

On Thursday, I finally received an e-mail informing me that my free episode of Back to the Future: The Game from Telltale Games was now available for download.

Back in October, I wrote about a promotion that allowed you get the first episode of the 5 part series for free, simply by registering.

The first episode ended up getting released in December, but we have all had to wait until now to get our free copy.

It appears that the episode costs $8.99 if you were to buy it separately (the entire series is $24.99), but since the original offer is still available that’s not really necessary.

The e-mail also contained a link giving a 10% discount on the entire series until March 2nd 2011.


The Last Express now on

While browsing around as part of their Tex Murphy sale, I noticed that they now have The Last Express available for download.

If you happened to catch my post the other day regarding Jordan Mechner and went to his site, you might have noticed his section on this game.  I have actually yet to play it but I read a fair amount of back story about the making of it on Jordan’s site.  As a fan of adventure games, I always meant to give this one a try but previously there was no easy way to get it.

Obviously, that’s no longer a problem.  The game is not on sale or anything at the moment but $6 is already a pretty fair price.  If anyone reading this has any experience with this game, feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of it.


Tex Murphy Sale on GoG

I just received word that the Tex Murphy series of games are on sale at (sale ends Monday).

Mean Streets was one of the first PC games I ever played.  My friend had a copy for his 286.  This was before sound cards were common, yet the game was still able to output speech using the PC speaker.  Pretty amazing at the time.

I then received a copy of Under a Killing Moon for my 16th birthday.  To this day it is still one of the best games I ever played (amazingly Pandora Directive was even better).

If you have never played or even heard of these games you are missing out.  That is if you enjoy a game with an excellent story, fantastic music, memorable characters and enjoyable gameplay.

Obviously, they are pretty dated now and if you don’t like point & click adventure games, you may not care for these either, but for under $15 you can get the whole series (DRM free) which is a pretty sweet deal.


The real Prince of Persia – Jordan Mechner

If you enjoyed the original Price of Persia video game (circa 1989 – 1992), you may be interested in reading up on the making of it on Jordan Mechner’s blog/website.

If you didn’t know, Jordan Mechner is the creator of the franchise.  He designed and programmed the first game by himself back in the 80’s when he worked for Brøderbund.

The entire process is told through personal journal entries that he kept during the time.  Spanning over 7 years, the journals describe what it was like to be a game designer/programmer at the time and some of the inner workings of the business.

I found the whole thing very interesting, but it may take several sessions to get through it all.

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General Mills/Cineplex Passes Now in Effect

The free Cineplex passes from General Mills are now in effect, so let the free movies begin.  😀

So far I have seen 3 movies.

On Tuesday I took the kids to The Green Hornet.  I forgot that it was being shown in 3D and had to shell out an extra $3 (each).  What an evil, unnecessary cash grab.  In no way, did that movie need to be shown in 3D.  BAHH, this 3D crap is starting to get on my nerves.  Despite the 3D annoyance, the movie was pretty good.  Jay Chou did a pretty convincing job considering he has no martial arts training.

Last night was a double wammy with The Mechanic and The Dilemma.

The Mechanic was good.  I was worried that it would be another Transporter movie, but it wasn’t.  I thought Statham and Foster both did a great job.

The Dilemma was also very good.  Probably not one you need to see in theaters, but why not when it’s free.  😉