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Wii Party = Wii CRAP!!!

My family loves to play Mario Party 8 on the Wii (especially my wife).  I guess the series has been a fan favourite for a long time, but Mario Party 8 was our first exposure to the series (apparently it’s far from the best of the series according to reviews).

After many hours of fun, our copy ended up getting wrecked after we loaned it to an acquaintance.  Yes, sad indeed.  It’s in my Goozex queue, but it’s pretty popular and doesn’t get traded a whole lot.  I suppose I could buy another copy but it still costs $50 and I have over 8000 points on Goozex that I would like to use instead.

Anyway, when Wii Party was released, we were able to use a Best Buy promotion to trade two of our existing games for a copy.  From all appearances, it seemed that Wii Party was to be the successor to the Mario Party series (using annoying Mii’s instead of lovable Mario characters). Read more »

Netflix Canada – Wii Application Review

As I mentioned a few days ago, Netflix recently released a native application for the Wii.  This means that you no longer require a disc in order to access the Netflix service.

The Wii may not be the best way to access Netflix, but it will probably suffice for many.

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Netflix Canada Wii – Now Disc Free

Netflix has now released a discless version for the Wii.  Reports started hitting the net last week and on the 19th I received an E-mail from Netflix regarding the new software.
I was out of the country for 2 weeks, but now that I am back I will give it a test run and post a review.
In addition, my wife won an Apple iPad as part of a local radio promotion, so I can also try out the Netflix app on it and see how it compares.