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Cineplex General Mills Offer 2012 – Update

A couple of things since I last posted about this.  The other day I was at WalMart and I noticed a full pallet of Old El Paso boxes with the Cineplex free movie candy offer.  So they should be out in full force everywhere very soon.

The other thing I discovered is that it looks like the movie passes will be handled differently this year.

In previous years, the pass was physically located on the prospective box of cereal and you simply cut it out and took it to the theatre.  It seems that this year the cereal boxes will instead contain a redemption code that can be used to obtain a pass.

If you head on over to you can see what I mean.  This page mentions redeeming a code for a Cineplex movie ticket.

Apparently the page doesn’t fully open until February 1st.


What do you guys think?