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Telltale offers free episode of Back to the Future

Right now, if you head on over to Telltale Games’ pre-order page for the upcoming release of Back to the Future game, you can register to get episode 1 for free!

To get to the pre-order page you can follow the link here or click on the image to the left.

5 Episodes are planned and if you pre-order now Telltale Games will include a free copy of PUZZLE AGENT.

I have to assume that this is a limited time offer.  The game is scheduled to be released in December.


Netflix Canada Wii – Now Disc Free

Netflix has now released a discless version for the Wii.  Reports started hitting the net last week and on the 19th I received an E-mail from Netflix regarding the new software.
I was out of the country for 2 weeks, but now that I am back I will give it a test run and post a review.
In addition, my wife won an Apple iPad as part of a local radio promotion, so I can also try out the Netflix app on it and see how it compares.

The Social Network – What can you believe?

I watched The Social Network last night with my son.

The movie is rated PG (PG-13 in the US). Technically, there is little swearing, no nudity and doesn’t actually show drugs being used, but it comes pretty close.

I’m not going to review the movie since it has been thoroughly reviewed by folks much more qualified than I.

I liked it, but knowing how little is actually based on fact was a distraction for me.  Considering all Ben Mezrich had to go off of in writing The Accidental Billionaires were deposition notes and the word of ex-employee & Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, I find most of it difficult to believe.

As I understand it, most people involved in those early days have all signed non-disclosure agreements.  With that in mind, it will probably be a long time before we learn what truly happened.  Though, like most things, I’m sure in reality the events that took place were a lot less exciting then they were portrayed.


GoogleMaps – MIA Update

Last week I wrote about how my whole area disappeared off of GoogleMaps.

I did a little searching and apparently they changed their map information supplier at some point and a lot of people noticed things missing.

It was suggested by some to use the “Report a problem” link at the bottom of the maps window to report the missing information.

I figured, what the hell and gave it a shot.

To my surprise I received a reply a few days later….

“Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.”

It reads a little like an automatic response, but I guess we will see.


Netflix Canada Review – The Wii Experience

Surprisingly, it took 10 days (including weekends) for my Netflix Wii application disc to arrive.

Netflix sent the disc in a bright red envelope that clearly displayed what was contained within.

With little fanfare, I ripped her open to see what was inside.

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Netflix Canada – Multiple Users & Parental Control

While waiting for my Wii Netflix application disc, I thought I would post about something that has been a bit of a problem regarding Netflix.

That problem, is the inability to have multiple users configured and as an extension of that, parental control of those users.

The issue presented itself almost immediately.

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dealextreme – Crazy Cheap, Straight from HK

Ever heard of dealextreme?  Ya, most people haven’t.

A co-worker told me about them a while ago, but I never actually dealt with them until today.

I was looking for a PS3 infrared remote control.

Really cheap units go for as little as $5 shipped on eBay, but I wanted one with a PS/Home button.

Eventually I came across a post on AVSForum from a member who purchased this one.

It appears to meet my needs so I decided to go for it.  I ended up buying a couple of  other cables and adapters at the same time because the prices are just so unbelievably low.  Plus shipping is free!

I guess we will have to see.  Maybe the prices are justified and the stuff is total crap.  Only one way to find out.  😀