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PAX Prime – Saturday passes sold out

As I mentioned a short while ago, I was planning on getting passes for PAX 2010 in Seattle this year.  At the time I thought they were just sold out of three day passes.  Unfortunately, they were sold out of Saturday passes as well.

Before leaving for our cruise, I purchased passes for Friday and Sunday.  Now I just need to figure out how I am going to get a pass for Saturday.

You would think that they would only pre-sell a certain amount of passes and leave some for people willing to line up the morning of the show.  Guess not.

There was a 3 day pass up on eBay the other day, but at the time it was already at $175 for what was originally only $55.  Nasty.

Perhaps this time I will learn not to procrastinate in the future.  Maybe it is time I change my lazy ways.  Look out world………Ahhh who am I kidding.


I’m Back

My wife and I returned from our Alaskan cruise Sunday night.  It was great in many ways except for the exorbitant cost of Internet Access.  They charged by the minute (what is this 1998?), so obviously by my lack of posts, I wasn’t willing to give in to their tyranny.

They offered limited WiFi access if you had your own equipment and computers if you didn’t.  Most of the time there were kids using the computers and almost always they were on Facebook.

I guess some people are willing to pay $1 per minute to learn that Jim likes pizza and Amber is bored.

Not me.


Steam – A Curse and a Blessing?

Yesterday I posted about Goozex and how excellent the service can be.  Note that I write “can” be.  Goozex and online game trading is far from perfect.  New games still need to be purchased in order for the used market to exist and thrive.  Obviously, used copies will never exist if no one is buying them new.  Also, as you can image, demand is extremely high for used copies of newly released games.

Back in January, when Mass Effect 2 was released, there were 3 ways I could have obtained a copy (legally).  I could buy it new on release date from any big box store.  I could have waited in line for a used copy on Goozex, potentially waiting a month or more with only a slight savings.  Or I could have purchased a downloadable copy from Steam.

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