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Windows Mobile My Phone Shutting Down!!!!!


Pappa, say it ain’t so!!!

Microsoft just sent out an e-mail notice that they will soon be shutting down the Windows Mobile Marketplace (not a big deal) and more importantly the MyPhone service.

DAMMIT!! I can’t believe it.  No wait, I can.  Microsoft, you screwed us when you dropped Windows Mobile and now you want to kill one of the last good things going for it.  😡

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Smallville – Brought to you by Microsoft

Despite the poor writing and mediocre acting, I’ve been a Smallville fan since it first aired 10 seasons ago, but something has really caught my eye recently.

That “thing” is the excessive amount of Microsoft Windows Phone product placement shots that we have been force fed the last few episodes.

Not only are we saddled with Windows Phone commercials during the break, but we are fed the same crap during the show as well?  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Windows Phone, but the amount of in-show advertising is a little extreme.  I wonder if this type of advertising is going to eventually backfire on Microsoft.  I guess only time will tell.


Windows Phone 7 Released in US & Canada

Although launched almost a month ago in Europe and Australia, today marks the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in North America.

As of today, phones should be available either online or in store for Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Online, Rogers lists the Samsung Focus for $200 on a 3 year term ($600 with no term).

Bell lists the LG Optimus Quantum for $100 on a 3 year ($450 with no contract).

Telus lists both the HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7.  Prices are $100/$450 for the Surround and $100/$500 for the Optimus.

As usual, Rogers pricing is the worst and Telus has the best selection.  I would be temped to upgrade to the LG Optimus Quantum since I prefer a hardware keyboard, but Windows Phone is missing too much of what I need.  Most importantly Remote Desktop.  Currently, nothing matches Windows Mobile for Remote Desktop support and I can’t see switching to Windows Phone until it does.