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I Really Miss Microsoft Voice Command

There are a few things that I miss about Windows Mobile, but by far I miss Microsoft Voice Command the most.

Sure, my Xperia Play has some type of Voice Command software but it’s garbage.

I have a Bluetooth speaker in my car and there is no reason I need to actually touch my phone to make a call, but when I can only get the damn Voice Command software to correctly dial about 10% of the time, I’m basically forced to manually dial the call.

As a result, I rarely ever use it any more.  It kinda sucks that it’s come to this.



Microsoft MyPhone – FINAL NOTICE

Today I received my Final Notice for the Windows Mobile MyPhone service shutdown from Microsoft.

The service stopped working some time ago, but today is the last day that you can log in to the MyPhone web page.  It’s a sad reminder of the amazing free service previously offered to Windows Mobile users.




Windows Mobile My Phone Shutting Down!!!!!


Pappa, say it ain’t so!!!

Microsoft just sent out an e-mail notice that they will soon be shutting down the Windows Mobile Marketplace (not a big deal) and more importantly the MyPhone service.

DAMMIT!! I can’t believe it.  No wait, I can.  Microsoft, you screwed us when you dropped Windows Mobile and now you want to kill one of the last good things going for it.  😡

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LG eXpo / IQ – New Custom ROM

LG eXpo

Image courtesy of The Gadgeteer

Wow, where does the time go.  I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last post.

I guess I have to blame my phone.  For the past few weeks I’ve spent most of my free time working on a new custom ROM.  If you happen to have a LG Monaco device (eXpo, IQ or GW825V) you may want to check it out over on XDA Developers….


Hopefully I will have a final version up in the next week or so and I can get back to everything else I have on the go.


Windows Mobile IM App Round-up

In the same vein as the Windows Mobile Emulator round-up I did a few weeks ago, I ended up doing the same type of thing while looking for an Instant Messaging application for my LG IQ.  I mostly wanted to use GTalk, but figured I might was well get something that can also handle Facebook IM and MSN.

Sadly, many of the IM applications for Windows Mobile are no longer being updated, but that doesn’t mean we are out of luck.  You can read the full round-up here.


Emulators for Windows Mobile in WVGA

Windows Mobile may be on it’s death bed, but there are still a lot of people out there using phones running the venerable OS.

For those users that want to get their game on, one of the best ways is by using an emulator to play old console and arcade games.

Modern Windows Mobile phones like the HTC HD2, Toshiba TG01, Acer S200 and LG eXpo feature large WVGA screens and 1GHz Snapdragon processors; ideal for running emulators.

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Windows Phone 7 Released in US & Canada

Although launched almost a month ago in Europe and Australia, today marks the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in North America.

As of today, phones should be available either online or in store for Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Online, Rogers lists the Samsung Focus for $200 on a 3 year term ($600 with no term).

Bell lists the LG Optimus Quantum for $100 on a 3 year ($450 with no contract).

Telus lists both the HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7.  Prices are $100/$450 for the Surround and $100/$500 for the Optimus.

As usual, Rogers pricing is the worst and Telus has the best selection.  I would be temped to upgrade to the LG Optimus Quantum since I prefer a hardware keyboard, but Windows Phone is missing too much of what I need.  Most importantly Remote Desktop.  Currently, nothing matches Windows Mobile for Remote Desktop support and I can’t see switching to Windows Phone until it does.