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Back to the Future: Free Episode now Available!

On Thursday, I finally received an e-mail informing me that my free episode of Back to the Future: The Game from Telltale Games was now available for download.

Back in October, I wrote about a promotion that allowed you get the first episode of the 5 part series for free, simply by registering.

The first episode ended up getting released in December, but we have all had to wait until now to get our free copy.

It appears that the episode costs $8.99 if you were to buy it separately (the entire series is $24.99), but since the original offer is still available that’s not really necessary.

The e-mail also contained a link giving a 10% discount on the entire series until March 2nd 2011.


Telltale offers free episode of Back to the Future

Right now, if you head on over to Telltale Games’ pre-order page for the upcoming release of Back to the Future game, you can register to get episode 1 for free!

To get to the pre-order page you can follow the link here or click on the image to the left.

5 Episodes are planned and if you pre-order now Telltale Games will include a free copy of PUZZLE AGENT.

I have to assume that this is a limited time offer.  The game is scheduled to be released in December.