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PAX Prime 2011 Swag

Epic SEGA Controller Hoodie from PAX 2010

I ended up with around half of the swag as last year.  No epic Hoodies or Rings of Power this time.  If I have some time over the next while I will see if I can post some pictures.

Computer Abuser

PAX 2010 – Swag-a-Plenty

Sega Hoodie

Probably one the coolest aspects of PAX is scoring SWAG, and there was SWAG-A-Plenty a this years PAX.

Over the 3 days I was able to score 23 t-shirts (2 doubles) and one hoodie.

My prize possession of the lot is definitely the Sega Hoodie (shown here).  This bad boy was given out as a parting gift at the Sega after party (PAX day 2 – Gameworks).  Notice the 4 images on the front?  Those are images of the controllers from the 4 main console systems that Sega once produced (Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn & Dreamcast).  My inner Sega fan-boy was very grateful.

I’ve posted pictures of all the t-shirts I was able to score after the jump….

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