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PAX Prime 2015 – Sold out in 55 minutes

PAX Prime Sold Out

At least according to when I received my text message tweets from the PAX twitter account

Here I was, riding my Motorcycle down the road, heading to lunch with the wife.  From my pocket, I can hear Moto Assist yell out from my Moto G that I received a new text from Twitter.

I only follow one account in Twitter and that’s the PAX feed.  I didn’t think it would be the registration text since only last week we were told….

@Official_PAX: To assuage any heart attacks, just remember we won’t launch tix until later in May.

It’s only May 7th, which I wouldn’t consider “later in May”.

Once I get to the restaurant I check the message and see this…


WTF!!  I am not prepared for this.  I click the link and hope I’m not too late (it’s now 4 minutes after I received the alert).  Luckily, I wasn’t.  After a 20 minute wait, I got in and ordered two sets of tickets.  I tried to order 2 more sets using my wife’s phone, but by the time I got though, Saturday was sold out.  I guess I lucked out this time around.



PAX Prime 2013 – We have Tickets!!!!

Well, as reported by Polygon on April 24th, the PAX organizers reviewed their list of ticket purchases and cancelled those purchases for tickets in excess of the allowed limit.  At the time, it was reported that those tickets would go back on sale at some point in the future.

Cut to last night at 7:03 PM PST, where I received the following Tweet-2-SMS message from PAX…

@Official_PAX: Reclaimed tix to Prime 2013 here http://t.co/X5pUDsD3Co Max of 2 sets per order, multiple orders per person or household will be cancelled.

Knowing that these wouldn’t last long, I immediately jumped online and was able to pick up 2 sets of single day passes (there didn’t appear to be any 4 day passes available).  A few minutes later I received the following….

@Official_PAX: Well that was fast. All the reclaimed tickets are now sold out. (7:15 PM PST)

I don’t imagine there were many tickets available, so I thank my lucky stars that I was able to get tickets for my son and I.  Hopefully, a few other folks who were originally upset that they wouldn’t be able to go were also able to secure a few tickets as well.

A big thank you to the PAX organizers for cracking down on excess ticket orders and giving a few other people a chance to attend.  I also have to thank Twitter for getting the tweet out to me in time to take advantage of the offer.



PAX Prime 2013 – Sold Out In 6 hours!!!!!

So I go out of town for a few days for work and what happens?

PAX Prime sells out in 6 hours and I don’t even find out until today.  WTF is that about!!!!



100 Days Until Pax Prime 2012

According to the countdown clock on the PAX Prime homepage, there are just over 100 days until PAX Prime 2012 begins.

If you haven’t already booked a hotel, you may want to get on it.  There is not much left available in the area of the Convention Center.  Unless you want to spend more than $250/night.

On a side note, my son mentioned that we should attend in costume.  I don’t know if there is much chance of that happening, but you never know, stranger things have happened.




PAX Prime 2012 Sold Out in under 48 hours!!!

To the surprise of everyone, including I would assume the expo organizers,  PAX Prime has sold every single pass in under 48 hrs.

I personally was completely taken off guard.  I was on the road for work, but I made an effort to check the PAX Prime website at least once a day for the past week on my smartphone.

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Tex Murphy on sale again on GoG.com

When I was at PAX a few weeks ago, I mentioned to one of the guys working the GoG booth that I was waiting for Tex Murphy to go on sale again since I missed it the last time (I was aware of the sale, but didn’t go for it).

I’m sure it’s just a co-incidence but today I received word that the Tex Murphy series of games were indeed on sale again until Monday.

In a way the deal is not as good as last time, since you could buy all 4 for $14.36 (instead of $17.96).  The catch was if you didn’t want all 4 the discount dropped to 30%.  This time you get 50% off whether you want 1 game or all 4.

I still have my original copies for UAKM, Pandora and Overseer, but UAKM has one or two bad discs and it would be nice to have digital copies that didn’t require disc swaps.  Also, I suppose it would be in bad taste to not buy them since I asked for the sale, though I’m sure it’s just a co-incidence.  OR IS IT?   😉



PAX Prime 2011 Swag

Epic SEGA Controller Hoodie from PAX 2010

I ended up with around half of the swag as last year.  No epic Hoodies or Rings of Power this time.  If I have some time over the next while I will see if I can post some pictures.

Computer Abuser

PAX Prime 2011 was a BLAST!!

As you would expect, we had a great time at PAX this year.

I was a little disappointed that some of the bigger companies like Intel and NVidia failed to show up with their own booths, but that’s mostly because they offered some of the best giveaways last year.

There were still a bunch of great game launches and demos including Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 (both games I am very excited to play).

I guess over all it seemed bigger yet smaller at the same time.  Bigger in that a lot of the lines were just crazy.  I ended up playing the Mass Effect 3 demo at the Xbox 360 booth because the Bioware lines were always 2 to 3 hours long.  Smaller because there seemed to be fewer big game launches than last year.

Either way, it was still a blast and I can’t wait until PAX 2012 rolls around.  😀



PAX Prime 2011 Countdown – 3 days to go

Wow, only 3 days left until PAX Prime 2011.

My 12 yr old son will be with me this year.  I think he is pretty excited.

It does limit the after parties that we can attend though.  It seems like a majority of them are 21+.  🙁



PAX Prime 2011 – Completely Sold Out!

I guess I missed this last week, but it seems that in six short weeks, the Penny Arcade Expo 2011 has completely sold all of the available single and three day passes.

That’s pretty crazy, I don’t remember them selling that quickly last year.  I would suggest they find a bigger venue, but then I think about how crazy the place would be if it was any bigger.

No, I’m glad they limit the amount of passes they sell.  You know what they say, “you snooze, you loose”.  😀