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Damn you Steam!!! Ughhh Fine, Take My Money

I’ve been trying to hold off on buying Deus Ex: Human Revolution for some time.  I really want to buy it, but I already have too many games to finish before I pick up another.  I guess I technically already own a copy on OnLive, but that’s not the same.

I almost pulled the trigger last week when GameFly had the regular version on for $7.50.  That’s a great deal, but the DLC (The Missing Link) was not included and was still listed for $15 (for just the DLC).  I decided to let it go and work on my backlog of games I already own.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, only hours after the GameFly sale ends, Steam decides to tempt me even further by putting the whole collection up for sale at 75% off.  That’s $15 for all three games (including the Augmented Edition of Deus Ex: HR), the DLC and both add-on packs.  Damn you Steam!!!  You evil temptress of gaming goodness.



Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $1

I don’t know how long this promotion will be on, but right now if you head on over to Onlive.com and sign up, your first game purchase is only $1.

This is assuming you are new to Onlive or at least haven’t made any purchases yet.

I signed up for Onlive after getting back from PAX last month, but hadn’t made any purchases yet.  Immediately after getting the e-mail from Onlive, I logged in and purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The only other games I would have been interested in are L.A. Noire and Batman: Arkham City, but neither game is available yet and pre-orders don’t count for this promotion.  🙁

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Onlive $5 Fridays Ends With a BANG!!

For a while now, Onlive has been having $5 Friday promotions that offered the full purchase of a single game every Friday.  For example, last month I mentioned that Mafia II was on sale as part of the promotion.

Apparently, they are ending their $5 Friday’s, but not without another $5 promotion.  This time, they will be offering a new game every day of the week for this week only.

Today you can pick up Splinter Cell Conviction.  You can head on over to www.onlive.com to see the daily deal or checkout their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/onlive.



Mafia II for only $5 through Onlive.

I just received word that Onlive has Mafia II on sale for only $5 today.  One of their $5 Friday deals.

I’m tempted to give it a go since the reviews for Mafia II are pretty good and I’ve never played it.

I’m really concerned about the latency though.  After installing Onlive on my computer I tried out Dirt 2 and it was basically unplayable.  Maybe it’s the way I play racing games but I find I do lots of small adjustments while driving.  With Onlive I found that by the time my movement registered I had already made several other adjustments.  It seriously felt like a 500 ms delay.  It was not pretty.

The latency should be less noticeable with a game like Mafia II, shouldn’t it?.  A free demo is available, so I guess the best thing to do is try it before I buy it.  😀