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General Mills changes free movie offer in 2014

General Mills Cineplex 2014In previous years, February was the free movie month for the General Mills / Cineplex promotion, but they changed things up a bit this year.

I didn’t find out until I finally got a hold of some Almond Oatmeal Crisp cereal.

This year, Feb, Mar and May are 2 for 1 and April is the Free month.


Oh well, Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out in April, so it’s not all bad.



Cineplex / General Mills Free Movie Offer is back!!

General Mills Cineplex LogoI meant to post this a few weeks ago, but while at the grocery store I noticed that the Old El Paso taco kits had new Cineplex coupons on them, indicating that the Cineplex General Mills Free Movie Offer is back once again.

The Cineplex site mentions the promotion, but doesn’t have any details.


From what I can tell, it’s the same offer as last year, although I haven’t seen any cereal boxes yet to confirm.

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Cineplex Promo Over Once Again

Another season of free movies, thanks to General Mills, has passed once again.

It seemed like there were fewer good movies in Feb (while the passes were good for a free movie) compared to last year.  Things picked up in April and May, but 2 for 1 isn’t nearly as good.

We were able to use a couple more passes last night to see “Now You See Me” (which was great by the way!).  I still have a few more passes left over, but now they are expired.

Here’s hoping General Mills runs the promotion again next year.  😉




The Beauty of DNS Re-direction / Unblocking

Want to watch Veronica Mars in Canada for free, just like our US neighbours?

Well tough luck!!!

That is unless you pay for US VPN access or use DNS re-direction/unblocking.

I’m not going to discuss using a VPN.  They are generally expensive and slow.

I am going to discuss using DNS re-direction though, because that’s what I have been using to watch Veronica Mars for the past week.

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Best Buy Closed, what about Reward Zone GC?

This past weekend, our local Best Buy location closed as part of a Canada wide restructuring that will see smaller locations opening up to replace the traditionally large big box locations of the recent past.

You can read more about that here.

Anyway, this kinda sucks since I just received a $5 Best Buy Rewards Zone gift certificate.  Since Reward Zone GCs are only good in-store (and not online) I figured I was out of luck.

Well, I just got off the phone with Best Buy Reward Zone customer service and they informed me that RZ GCs can be redeemed at Future Shop.  Since our local Future Shop is still open, I just need to print it off, take it in and I should be good to go.  Sweet!



General Mills / Cineplex 2013 Offer Now In Effect

Just like in previous years, General Mills has teamed up with Cineplex to offer free movie passes with select General Mills cereals.

Each specially marked box contains a code for either a general or child admission that you redeem online at http://www.cineplex.com.  There are no limits to how many you can use, although they are only valid Sunday through Thursday.

During February the codes are good for 1 free admission.  From March 1st to May 31st, they are good for 1 Buy One Get One Free admission.

Details on how to redeem the code can be found here.

Details on the rules and which cereals are included can be found here.

We already used 5 codes to see Warms Bodies this past Sunday.  😀



Titanium Backup, I Think I Love You!!

I really like my Sony Xperia Play, but if I get another “Out of Memory” error while doing an update, I’ll smash the damn thing on the ground!!!!

Luckily, that shouldn’t happen any more and that’s all thanks to Titanium Backup PRO.

For some background info, I guess this is common with a lot of Android phones.  Many manufacturers simply do not provide/configure enough free internal memory to install as many apps and games as the average user would like to install.

Common tricks to free up internal memory include using the app App 2 SD to move applications from internal memory to the SD card.  This is a no brainer if the app allows it.  Unfortunately, many apps will not allow themselves to be moved.

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Thank You Steam

Hello Steam or Valve or whoever, I just wanted to say thank you.  I used to be a software pirate.  No, I didn’t actually crack and upload games, no I was too lazy for that.  I just downloaded already cracked games instead of buying them.  I did that for years I’m afraid.  Even games that you created like Half-Life and Portal I’m sad to say.  If it makes you feel any better, I own both of those games now.  Actually, I own the entire Half-Life collection, plus Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Portal 1 & 2.

It’s all thanks to Steam!

Honestly, though, I don’t just buy from you guys.  I sometimes buy from Gamefly and Amazon, but those games are often on Steam anyway, so we’re all good.  I really just buy from whoever is cheapest.  Come on, I may no longer download pirated software, but I’m still a cheapskate.  Hey, I’m just being honest.  If I couldn’t get my games from you guys at 75% off, I would probably still be downloading pirated games.  I think we can both agree that at least this way, somebody gets paid.  Amiright?

Anyway, thanks again.  You keep selling stuff crazy cheap and I’ll keep buying it.



ComputerAbuser – former obtainer of illegally copied stuffs

Almost Out of Free Movie Passes

Well, I’m am almost completely out of General Mills Cineplex movie passes.  I had a pretty good haul this year.

If my memory is correct, it looks I was watched 11 free movies in February and another 2 (2 for 1) in March.  I wouldn’t mind a few more 2 or 1 passes, but I haven’t been able to locate any more boxes with passes on them.  Pretty sad that they cleared out of stock and the promotion is supposed to continue until the end of May.  Oh well, there’s always next year (hopefully).

As for the movies, the biggest surprises where the lesser known movies like The Grey, Chronicle and Goon.  I actually really liked Chronicle.  The disappointments were not surprisingly the big releases including Underworld: Awakening, Journey 2 and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (all sequels and all in 3D).


First Attempt Using Cineplex Free Movie Code

Last night I decided to try to use one of my free movie codes to see what the new process is like.

I didn’t want to plan ahead or read up on what all would be involved.  I simply cut out the code from one of my cereal boxes and headed out to the theatre.

Before getting to the theatre, I knew I would somehow have to redeem the code online, but that was it.

After getting there, I first tried the Cineplex Mobile app on my Android powered Sony Xperia Play.  The Cineplex app already allows you to purchase tickets, so it seemed like the easiest solution.

In the app, I found the theatre and movie I wanted to watch.  Entered the time and then entered the coupon code in the “promotion code” field located at the bottom of the page where you choose how many tickets you want.

Unfortunately, I received a message that although the code was valid, it had to be entered on the full non-mobile Cineplex web page.  By this point, the movie had just started.

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