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Free Blu-Rays from Disney (update)

My fake birthday just passed as far as Disney Movie Rewards is concerned.  I was hoping they would offer me another free movie like they did on my first fake birthday, but sadly no.

What was my special fake birthday bonus you ask?  100 points.

That’s right, I can get 50 points just for entering the code “cool”, but when it comes to my fake birthday, Disney spares no expense.  🙄


Tron: Legacy

I ended up seeing a few movies in theatres this holiday season, but of the movies that I saw, the one I wanted to see the most was Tron: Legacy.

I loved the original Tron as a kid, so my opinion of it is a little biased and perhaps tinged with nostalgia.

Regardless, I tried to go into Legacy with an open mind.

It’s actually pretty good if you try not to think about the minor details.  There is a lot more fantasy than science in many of the ideas, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

The action scenes are pretty amazing, the special effects are spectacular and the music was great.

I went to a theatre showing it in 3D and honestly the 3D was unnecessary.  There were a few times where the effect was noticeable but it is in no way necessary and doesn’t really add anything to the experience.

Prior to watching Legacy, I forced my kids to watch the original.  They say they liked it but that the “graphics” were really bad.  They both agreed that Tron: Legacy was better than the original.

I’ve read that the game Tron: Evolution adds to the story and acts as a prequel to Legacy.  I guess I will have to see if I can get a copy.  As for another sequel, I personally hope that Legacy is successful enough to give Disney the go ahead.


Free Blu-Rays from Disney Movie Rewards

Ok, so most reward programs suck pretty bad.  The points are usually not worth a whole lot and even when you have enough for something, there is often nothing worth getting.

The Disney Movie Rewards program really isn’t that much different, as in, it’s pretty sucky.

Basically, when you buy Disney stuff at retail (CD, DVDs and Blu-Rays), they include a coupon code inside.  You take that code and enter it on the Disney Movie Rewards site to collect points.  CDs get you around 50, DVDs – 100 and Blu-Rays between 125 to 200 points.

Once you have enough points, you redeem them for useless garbage like stickers and posters.  If you happen to collect a whole bunch of points (900+), you can even redeem them for Blu-Rays (although the selection is really, really bad).

It’s also possible to get bonus points for doing questionnaires and from periodic bonus codes (for example, the code “cool” will get you 50 points right now).

Anyway, despite the program’s suckyness, you may want to sign up anyway.

That’s because periodically you get hooked up with FREE movies.

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