PAX Prime – Saturday passes sold out

As I mentioned a short while ago, I was planning on getting passes for PAX 2010 in Seattle this year.  At the time I thought they were just sold out of three day passes.  Unfortunately, they were sold out of Saturday passes as well.

Before leaving for our cruise, I purchased passes for Friday and Sunday.  Now I just need to figure out how I am going to get a pass for Saturday.

You would think that they would only pre-sell a certain amount of passes and leave some for people willing to line up the morning of the show.  Guess not.

There was a 3 day pass up on eBay the other day, but at the time it was already at $175 for what was originally only $55.  Nasty.

Perhaps this time I will learn not to procrastinate in the future.  Maybe it is time I change my lazy ways.  Look out world………Ahhh who am I kidding.


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