The Social Network – What can you believe?

I watched The Social Network last night with my son.

The movie is rated PG (PG-13 in the US). Technically, there is little swearing, no nudity and doesn’t actually show drugs being used, but it comes pretty close.

I’m not going to review the movie since it has been thoroughly reviewed by folks much more qualified than I.

I liked it, but knowing how little is actually based on fact was a distraction for me.  Considering all Ben Mezrich had to go off of in writing The Accidental Billionaires were deposition notes and the word of ex-employee & Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, I find most of it difficult to believe.

As I understand it, most people involved in those early days have all signed non-disclosure agreements.  With that in mind, it will probably be a long time before we learn what truly happened.  Though, like most things, I’m sure in reality the events that took place were a lot less exciting then they were portrayed.


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