Goozex – Trade games without loosing your shirt

Before I get into a glut of promoting different companies, I should state that Goozex is more of a community then a company.

I happened across Goozex by chance from a link someone posted on (another cool site by the way).

Normally, if you are trying to track down an old video game (be it PC or console), you must resort to long searches on eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji to find it and then often the price is greatly inflated.  Goozex provides an outlet that lets you avoid all of that nonsense.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I just want to write that Goozex is actually a really cool concept.

Normally, if you are going to trade a video game with someone, you do it in person.  If you know them, perhaps you can trust that they are not going to rip you off.  If you don’t know them, well then, you should probably meet in a well lit area and maybe bring some backup.

Trading with places like EB Games or Blockbuster is no better.  I just called EB Games and asked about Assassin’s Creed for PS3.  They want $18 for a used copy.  Guess what they will give you when you trade it back in?  $4.75!!!  Yup, apparently they spend 25 cents for shrink wrap and a label and pocket the other $13.

On Goozex, Assassin’s Creed for PS3 is 150 points (roughly equal to $7.50) .

The point values go up and down based on demand, but they are almost always fair.

Here is how it works:

– Games (and Movies) are given a point value based on demand and market value.

– You register an account with Goozex and then select the games/movies you want to trade and the games/movies you want to receive.

– If someone wants one of your games/movies, you get notified of the request and then you send it to them.

– Once they receive it, you get your points.

– If someone has a game/movie that you want and you have enough points in your account*, they will send it to you.

*In addition to the points, you also need a token.  They are $1 each (that’s how Goozex makes money).

So far I have received 58 items consisting of PS3 games, PSP games, PC games, Wii games, Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs.

In return I have sent out 58 items consisting of DVDs, Gamecube game, PC games, PS3 games and more.

Sadly, before I found Goozex, I had traded in around 300 DVDs to Blockbuster at around $1 to $3 each.  What a waste.  🙁


— If you decide to sign up on Goozex, use this referral link and I will get a free token.  🙂

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