Monthly Archives: April 2016

OneDrive Randomly Deleted over 26 000 Files!

OneDriveThis morning I noticed that OneDrive was feverishly working away while I worked.  I hadn’t made any changes to my OneDrive folder, so it didn’t make much sense.  I stupidly let it be thinking it was just doing some maintenance.

Well, at the end of the day I went to retrieve a file and found that several folders were missing.  Upon closer inspection I found that most of my files were gone!

I looked online ( and they were all still there, just not on my local computer.  That’s when I checked my Recycle Bin and found over 26 000 files had been deleted from my OneDrive folder.

The files are mostly small and only make up about 3.5 GB.  Anyway, I was able to restore them from the Recycle Bin and all is well.

Makes me a little concerned about what the hell OneDrive was thinking.



Google Music Auto-match: Update

Google MusicIt appears as though the music uploading auto-matching feature of Google Music is working again.  Yesterday I re-uploaded 5 albums that previously didn’t have a single match.  This time all but a couple of songs were matched.

I didn’t think they would go too long without getting that fixed.



Google Music Auto-match Not Working?

Google Music ManagerIt seems like the auto-matching functionality of Google Music hasn’t been working for the last few days.  I tried to upload 4 albums that I ripped to FLAC, but not one song got a match.  I find the system is better at matching FLAC files than it is at matching MP3 files.  I’m guessing because it doesn’t sample the music and instead just goes by the ID3 tag and song length.

All 4 albums are available for sale on Google Music, so I know Google has a copy.  I converted them to MP3 files just in case, but they still didn’t match.  Traditionally, I get a match ~99% of the time (with FLAC files), so I know something is up.

I will try again in a few days to see if the issue has been corrected.



Need to rename a whole whack of folders?

Bulk Rename UtilityAfter converting almost 16 000 MP3s to a lower bit-rate using TAudioConverter, I realized I forgot to check off “add encoder suffix to created folders”.

This resulted in hundreds of folders with “_Lame” tacked on to the end of each folder name.

I started picturing renaming them all by hand and decided to search out something that could do it for me.

Google brought me to and the Bulk Rename Utility.  The name isn’t very imaginative, but it’s free and it worked perfectly.  It only took a second or two once I figured out the interface, which isn’t exactly clean.

My only complaint is that the logging function doesn’t appear to work.  I thought it was a permissions issue, but moving it to a non-system folder didn’t make a difference.  I used the Portable version if that makes a difference.