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Cineplex Promo Over Once Again

Another season of free movies, thanks to General Mills, has passed once again.

It seemed like there were fewer good movies in Feb (while the passes were good for a free movie) compared to last year.  Things picked up in April and May, but 2 for 1 isn’t nearly as good.

We were able to use a couple more passes last night to see “Now You See Me” (which was great by the way!).  I still have a few more passes left over, but now they are expired.

Here’s hoping General Mills runs the promotion again next year.  😉




PAX Prime 2013 – We have Tickets!!!!

Well, as reported by Polygon on April 24th, the PAX organizers reviewed their list of ticket purchases and cancelled those purchases for tickets in excess of the allowed limit.  At the time, it was reported that those tickets would go back on sale at some point in the future.

Cut to last night at 7:03 PM PST, where I received the following Tweet-2-SMS message from PAX…

@Official_PAX: Reclaimed tix to Prime 2013 here Max of 2 sets per order, multiple orders per person or household will be cancelled.

Knowing that these wouldn’t last long, I immediately jumped online and was able to pick up 2 sets of single day passes (there didn’t appear to be any 4 day passes available).  A few minutes later I received the following….

@Official_PAX: Well that was fast. All the reclaimed tickets are now sold out. (7:15 PM PST)

I don’t imagine there were many tickets available, so I thank my lucky stars that I was able to get tickets for my son and I.  Hopefully, a few other folks who were originally upset that they wouldn’t be able to go were also able to secure a few tickets as well.

A big thank you to the PAX organizers for cracking down on excess ticket orders and giving a few other people a chance to attend.  I also have to thank Twitter for getting the tweet out to me in time to take advantage of the offer.



Star Trek Movie Curse Back on Track!!!

I was able to catch an early screening of Star Trek Into Darkness last night.  I really enjoyed J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot from 2009, so I was looking forward to the follow up.

I purposefully ignored reading rumours and watching trailers so that I would be surprised.  About the only thing I knew ahead of time was that Benedict Cumberbatch played the villain.

Well, all I can say is that the Star Trek Movie Curse seems to be back on track.  In that although 2009’s Star Trek reboot was excellent, Star Trek Into Darkness was not.

I don’t want to give anything away, but I can say that before the villain had revealed his name, I had already figured out who he was and I was so disappointed.

I’m going to leave it at that.  Fans of the original Star Trek movies will probably also be disappointed.  Those who have not seen any of the original movies will probably like it a lot more than I did.



Dell Inspiron 17r Special Edition Testing

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new Dell Inspiron 17r Special Edition (7720) laptop.  My old Dell Precision M4400 is just getting too old for current games, so I figured it was time for something new.  This would be my 3rd new Dell in 10 years after my Inspiron 8200, then Precision M4400.

I received it last week.

I was originally concerned that a 17″ laptop would be too big, but it’s not bad at all.  I appreciate having the extra hard drive bay plus optional mSATA.

For around $1000, the 7720 seems like a bargain.  Unfortunately, the designers did not design a cooling system that can appropriately handle the heat put out by the included NVidia Geforce GT 650m GPU.

Don’t get me wrong, running at the stock 745 MHz, the cooling system is sufficient.  Unfortunately,  once Geforce Boost kicks in the GPU temp quickly climbs to the MAX allowable 91 degrees C and throttles back down to 745 MHz.

Maybe I’m expecting too much if I was expecting the cooling system to handle the Boost speed of 835 MHz for long periods of time.  I’m amazed that the extra 90 Mhz makes that much of a difference in the temperature.

I was actually hoping to overclock the GPU up to 660m levels, but that doesn’t really seem like an option now.

I have 3 more weeks to decide if I’m going to keep it or not.  I guess we’ll see.




Update: I sent it back.