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Rogers Plus – Crazy Boxing Day deal

Rogers Plus is having a crazy Boxing day deal.

How about Buy 1 used video game and get 2 FREE!!!

This applies to all of their used video games (PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii).  Newer games like Fallout New Vegas and COD: Black Ops cost $39.99.

After hearing about the deal (which started on the 24th), I headed on over to the nearest location.  I ended up going to 3 stores in total.  Here is what I ended up getting…..

Fallout New Vegas (PS3), Force Unleashed II (PS3), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) – $40

Enslaved (PS3), Super Paper Mario (Wii), Spider-man Shattered Dimensions (PS3) – $40

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii), God of War III (PS3), de Blob (Wii) – $25

The Orange Box (PS3), Rock Band 2 (PS3), The Beatles Rockband (PS3) – $15

A pretty good haul for $120 if I say so myself.

The deal also applies to DVDs priced at $9.99 or less, but really who buys DVDs anymore?


Windows Mobile IM App Round-up

In the same vein as the Windows Mobile Emulator round-up I did a few weeks ago, I ended up doing the same type of thing while looking for an Instant Messaging application for my LG IQ.  I mostly wanted to use GTalk, but figured I might was well get something that can also handle Facebook IM and MSN.

Sadly, many of the IM applications for Windows Mobile are no longer being updated, but that doesn’t mean we are out of luck.  You can read the full round-up here.


Smallville – Brought to you by Microsoft

Despite the poor writing and mediocre acting, I’ve been a Smallville fan since it first aired 10 seasons ago, but something has really caught my eye recently.

That “thing” is the excessive amount of Microsoft Windows Phone product placement shots that we have been force fed the last few episodes.

Not only are we saddled with Windows Phone commercials during the break, but we are fed the same crap during the show as well?  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Windows Phone, but the amount of in-show advertising is a little extreme.  I wonder if this type of advertising is going to eventually backfire on Microsoft.  I guess only time will tell.


Skyline (2010) – Two Words – Loved it!

I didn’t have high expectations before seeing Skyline.  The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were generally negative and the trailers didn’t give me the impression that it was going to be that good.

Regardless, I’m a major sci-fi movie fan, so despite the negativity  I went ahead and watched it this past weekend.

Perhaps it’s because I watched this movie at 2 in the morning or because my expectations were already set so low, but I absolutely loved this movie.

Unfortunately, I am one of the few who did.

Seriously, there is a lot of hate going on for this movie.

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DealExtreme – 2 Month Delivery (Yikes!)

Back on Oct 1st I discussed ordering from DealExtreme for the first time.  I had never ordered from them before but the price was right (stupid cheap) and shipping was free.

Well, late last week, I finally received a small envelope labelled Hong Kong Airmail.

For those of you paying attention, if I am only now receiving my order, that means it took almost 2 months for it to be delivered.  WTFIUWT?

Not only that, but they didn’t send the PS3 remote; the whole reason I made the order in the first place.

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