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GoogleMaps – My street is no longer listed!

I don’t know what exactly has changed recently with regards to GoogleMaps, but I have noticed that things are going missing, in that they are no longer listed.

I live in a new area, so I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t show up on GoogleMaps when we first moved in.  The same thing happened at our last house, which was also new.

It’s not a huge deal I suppose, I can just pick the nearest intersection for plotting routes.

Despite the workaround, I was very happy when the maps were updated and my area showed up.

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MonoPrice HDX-401TA HDMI Switch Review

Not too long ago, I mentioned purchasing a 4×1 HDMI switch from MonoPrice and that I would eventually do a review.

It took a little longer than I anticipated, but after using it for a few weeks, I decided it was time to post my experiences.

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Netflix Canada Review – The PS3 Experience

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Netflix is now available in Canada.  Currently, Netflix can run on your PC, PS3 and Wii (as well as iPod/iPad & iPhone).  Apparently, an Xbox 360 version is still in the works.

Sadly, in order for it to run on a Wii, you need an application disc.  When you sign up, if you select that you have a Wii, they will automatically send one out to you.  Mine is supposedly already in the mail.

So, with that in mind, I tested the service on a PS3 connected to our 46″ 1080p LCD to find out if it is any good.

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iPhone 4 still sold out in Canada!

Tomorrow morning, the iPhone 4 will be released in China.

I guess that’s all nice and dandy for them, but how exactly can Apple start selling iPhone 4’s to the most populous country in the world, when they can’t even build enough iPhone 4’s to meet demand in Canada?

Like seriously, WTF!

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Netflix – Now available in Canada!

Netflix is now available in Canada!

That’s right, you can now head on over to and sign up for a free month.

After that, a monthly subscription will run you $7.99 per month, although there is a catch.

Unlike in the US, Netflix Canada will be a video streaming subscription service only!

Traditionally, Netflix is a DVD/Blu-Ray rental-by-mail subscription service (similar to what and Canflix offer).  In the US, unlimited video streaming is offered to customers that have a rental plan.  In Canada, we will only get the video streaming portion of the business and with a severely limited selection at that.

I will have a review of the service up in the next few days.


Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

I ended up watching Resident Evil: Afterlife last night so I figured I would post a little review.

If you don’t feel like reading the entire review, I can tell you it was OK, maybe 5 out of 10.

The only Resident Evil game I ever really played was the first one (on PC) and despite the fact that almost every movie based on a video game blows, I actually enjoyed the first movie.

The sequel, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, on the other hand was only so so.  It seemed to be lacking in some way.

I thought Resident Evil: Extinction was an improvement over Apocalypse.

So where does that put Resident Evil: Afterlife?  In my opinion, it is better than Apocalypse, but not as good as Extinction.

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PAX 2010 – Day 3 – Expo

So the plan for Sunday was to get there early and hit the booths that had eluded me so far (mostly because I wasn’t willing to wait several hours in line).

Booths that I wanted to see were Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2 and perhaps Dragon Age 2.  Duke Nukem had proven to be the worst of the bunch on previous days.

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PAX 2010 – Day 2 – SEGA Afterparty!

Photo by Fabian Doehla (SEGA)

On the way to my car, after being turned away from the Will Wheaton panel, I passed by GameWorks.

There was a line forming outside and a bouncer type fellow was standing in front of the door.  On the door was a sign stating that GameWorks was closed for a private event (left).

I asked someone in line what was up and was informed that SEGA was having an after-party.  They then told me that they had pre-registered.  🙁

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PAX 2010 – Day 2 – Expo

Photo by Andrew Wong

Apparently I was short on sleep because I seriously slept in Saturday morning.

I originally planned on getting to the show early so that I could get to a few of the booths that were a little busy on Friday (namely Duke Nukem, Portal 2 & Dragon Age 2).

I ended up getting to the show at noon.  The first thing I did was meet up with a girl who was buying my Sunday pass for her sister.

After that I headed into the expo expecting perhaps a few more people than the day before.

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PAX 2010 – Day 1 – Evening Events

Prior to going to PAX, it was suggested to me to try and get myself to some of the after parties that take place Friday and Saturday night.

During the day on the expo floor, I found out about a couple of after parties that looked pretty good.  The most interesting one was the Aion: Assault on Balaurea Launch Party featuring the Wonder Girls.  Although, honestly, I had never heard of the game or the Wonder Girls.  I also had the option of several evening panels and the ever popular PC freeplay area.

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