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TD is often having weekly sales, whether it’s $15 off $100, $10 off $50 or like right now, $30 off $125.

Combined with the Free Shipping promo that they have right now, you would think that you could grab a pretty sweet deal.

Well maybe on some stuff, but not video cards (or CPUs or SSDs….).  After the $30 discount, you might save $5 or $10 off of competitor prices, but that’s hardly very exciting.

I want to get something that is on sale.  Something that is already a good price and then knock off $30, that’s customer appreciation!

Cineplex / General Mills Free Movie Offer is back!!

General Mills Cineplex LogoI meant to post this a few weeks ago, but while at the grocery store I noticed that the Old El Paso taco kits had new Cineplex coupons on them, indicating that the Cineplex General Mills Free Movie Offer is back once again.

The Cineplex site mentions the promotion, but doesn’t have any details.

From what I can tell, it’s the same offer as last year, although I haven’t seen any cereal boxes yet to confirm.

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Dell Advantage Loyalty Program Now in Canada

Dell Advantage US Promo ImageAfter being available for years in the US, Dell has finally launched the Advantage Loyalty Program here in Canada.

We don’t get the free 2nd day shipping like they do in the US, but we do get the 5% cash back (via gift card) offer.  I suppose it’s not really cash back as much as a discount towards your next purchase that expires in 90 days, but it’s better than nothing.  🙂



PAX Prime 2013 – Sold Out In 6 hours!!!!!

So I go out of town for a few days for work and what happens?

PAX Prime sells out in 6 hours and I don’t even find out until today.  WTF is that about!!!!



Best Buy Closed, what about Reward Zone GC?

This past weekend, our local Best Buy location closed as part of a Canada wide restructuring that will see smaller locations opening up to replace the traditionally large big box locations of the recent past.

You can read more about that here.

Anyway, this kinda sucks since I just received a $5 Best Buy Rewards Zone gift certificate.  Since Reward Zone GCs are only good in-store (and not online) I figured I was out of luck.

Well, I just got off the phone with Best Buy Reward Zone customer service and they informed me that RZ GCs can be redeemed at Future Shop.  Since our local Future Shop is still open, I just need to print it off, take it in and I should be good to go.  Sweet!



Pirating Software, Old School

Back before BitTorrent or LimeWire or Kazaa or Napster or FTP or before the Internet for that matter, existed the Bulletin Board System (BBS).  If you wanted porn or pirated software this is where you would go.  The best BBS’s were private and you had to “know a guy” who “knows a guy” in order to get access.

But if you could get access, OH BOY, the goodies you would find.  No crappy shareware like you would find on the public BBS’s, no, only genuine full copies of the newest games.

Unfortunately, with a 2400 bps modem and a single phone line shared between the whole family, there is only so much you could download.  Luckily, after about 9 PM, I was allowed to take over the phone line and then the downloading would commence.

Ahhhh, good times.  I remember a game like Doom, sitting at around 5 MB would take over 5 hours to download.  Can you imagine that?

Anyway, times were good while they lasted, but by around 1995 most everyone was moving to the Internet.  I believe BBS’s peaked around 1996 and died off quickly after that.  I’m just glad I was around to see it.



Thank You Steam

Hello Steam or Valve or whoever, I just wanted to say thank you.  I used to be a software pirate.  No, I didn’t actually crack and upload games, no I was too lazy for that.  I just downloaded already cracked games instead of buying them.  I did that for years I’m afraid.  Even games that you created like Half-Life and Portal I’m sad to say.  If it makes you feel any better, I own both of those games now.  Actually, I own the entire Half-Life collection, plus Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Portal 1 & 2.

It’s all thanks to Steam!

Honestly, though, I don’t just buy from you guys.  I sometimes buy from Gamefly and Amazon, but those games are often on Steam anyway, so we’re all good.  I really just buy from whoever is cheapest.  Come on, I may no longer download pirated software, but I’m still a cheapskate.  Hey, I’m just being honest.  If I couldn’t get my games from you guys at 75% off, I would probably still be downloading pirated games.  I think we can both agree that at least this way, somebody gets paid.  Amiright?

Anyway, thanks again.  You keep selling stuff crazy cheap and I’ll keep buying it.



ComputerAbuser – former obtainer of illegally copied stuffs

Stargate Atlantis – Still Missing from Netflix

Well I guess I was wrong in assuming that Netflix would do their best in order to get Stargate back up on their system.  It’s been over 2 months and still nothing.

It’s been so long that I can’t even remember what episode I’m on.

If it doesn’t show up soon, I will probably have to just go and download the entire series and then nobody gets paid.  That’s not cool.



Man, I’m starting to hate 3D movies!!!!!

I’m starting to get pretty sick of 3D movies.  Ya, it worked well with Avatar and the 3D experiences at Disney Land are pretty cool, but 3D in movies is starting to piss me off.

For example, yesterday I took the kids to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island using my free movie passes.  I had to pay an extra $9 in fees for the 3D “upgrade” and the in the end the 3D was a joke (not in a good way).  I suppose it didn’t help that the movie was mostly forgettable, but it really highlighted how pointless 3D is, other than a dirty cash grab.

Really, there shouldn’t be an extra charge for 3D.  If a studio wants to add 3D, it should be an extra something to bring people to your movie.  At the moment, it’s mostly added as an afterthought to try and bring in more money.

When I go to see Ghost Rider 2 this week I will again have to pay an extra $3 and I can guarantee that the 3D will be completely unnecessary and a waste of $3.




Credit Card Hacked!!!!!!

It seems like some douche bag decided to try and scam my credit card number and score some free crap off of the Internets.

It’s possible the scumbag who obtained my credit card number sat on the info for some time, so it will be impossible to determine how they got it or when.  Luckily, my bank caught it before any transactions were approved.  Actually, I’m extremely impressed that they were able to catch it.  I shop online almost exclusively, so a bunch of random online purchases shouldn’t set off any red flags.

Either way, I have to give them proper respect for catching it.  They have since cancelled that card and sent me a new one.